Face serum: care booster with special application

A day cream and a night cream are part of the standard repertoire of our skincare. Serums with concentrated active ingredient power provide a particularly effective skin care upgrade. The use of a facial serum is particularly effective.

They can tighten, moisturize and repair. A facial serum is a concentrated multi-talent. Serums contain a highly effective beauty cocktail of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and the innovative anti-aging peptides. What they can do and why they work so well.

“Serums are booming, and quite rightly so,” explains dermatologist Dr. Elisabeth Schumachers. “Because of their high concentration, a facial serum can produce much more powerful effects than a conventional cream.”

Face serum: concentrated care power

In addition to the concentration of active ingredients, a facial serum also differs from a normal skin care cream in its mode of action. Serums pass through the barrier of the epidermis and can trigger cell activity in the dermis with the help of certain peptides. For a facial serum, special transport systems are usually used to get to the source of the particular skin need. The size of the molecules is essential here. The transport molecules are usually so small that they can penetrate deeper into the skin than is possible with a creamy texture.

Serums also have a targeted effect and should be used especially when the skin needs extra care. Serums are suitable as a supplement for all skin types. Our skin absorbs water like a sponge. That is why water-soluble ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are particularly effective in the light and mostly oil-free texture of a serum. But other ingredients also reach their target more easily through a facial serum.

Hyaluronic Hype: Superhero and Beautifier

A proven player against the signs of time is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of the connective tissue located between skin cells, filling and supporting it. Through its ability to bind large amounts of water, it is partly responsible for the skin’s moisture content. Hyaluronic acid thus also ensures the firmness of the skin.

The anti-aging active ingredient with 6-fold hyaluron power is contained in the new serum “Hyalove” by Dr. Erik Massing. The hyaluron complex is composed of low, medium and high molecular hyaluron acids, which form a special compound with each other and plump up the skin from the inside. The serum with antibacterial effect also has a detox effect and is designed to rid the skin of impurities in depth. The result: the complexion gets more glow and radiance, wrinkles are reduced. “Hyalove” was developed by the graduate biologist Dr. Massing, 30 ml cirka 70 euros.