Face Conturing with Hyaluronic Acid

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What to do when disturbing lines or a tired facial expression can no longer be defeated with moisturizer and a good portion of sleep? What solutions are there when the face appears hollow-cheeked and angular instead of beautiful and oval? A visit to Dr. Yusuf Yildirim, who has his beautiful practice in the Villa Stéphanie in Baden-Baden.

Aging is not for cowards, Hollywood diva Mae West likes to be quoted. She was right. Even if you resolved at a young age to enjoy life even with wrinkles, the actual encounter with aging is not always so relaxed. This is also the case for Sabine M. She is very athletic and actually feels 10 years younger than her passport says. Sabine M. is in her mid-50s, has hardly any wrinkles and a particularly beautifully cut, distinguished face. What bothers her is the sunken cheek area – after an intestinal infection she lost an extreme amount of weight and no longer feels comfortable in her skin. “When I look at myself in the mirror in the morning, I see a face that does not match my positive attitude to life. The facial features look hard and tired, my skin is impure,” Sabine M. Dr. Yildirim advises her to undergo what he calls a Y-Shape Treatment. We were allowed to look over his shoulder.

Every face is different and for everyone, the signs of time therefore make themselves felt quite differently. “Most patients come because they have a problem with nasolabial folds, frown lines or sagging cheeks,” explains Dr. Yildirim. “But with Sabine M., it’s more about restoring fullness and freshness to the entire face. Due to weight loss, the cheeks and even the temples have sunken in,” the doctor says. With the Y-Shape, he says, he can now re-contour the entire face. It’s like a three-dimensional, internal facelift, he says.

Injection with hyaluronic acid

Sabine M. has absolute trust in Dr. Yildirim. He was recommended to her by friends and she has only heard positive things about him. That’s why she is completely relaxed in the treatment chair when Dr. Yildirim starts the treatment. First, he fills the temple area with the filler Juvéderm® Voluma™ with Lidocaine. “This region is particularly challenging. There are a lot of nerves here and the skin is extremely thin. You need lots of experience to inject safely here,” says the doctor. Is Sabine M. afraid, does the injection hurt? “No, I am not afraid. I’ve given this step a lot of thought, and the little pricks hurt less than any treatment at the dentist,” explains the 55-year-old.

And what exactly does Dr. Yildirim want to achieve with the temple treatment? “It opens up the look, making the entire eye area look fresher and more relaxed,” he explains. And he’s right. You can see the difference immediately. The look appears more awake, the upper part of the face softer. After treating the second temple, he continues with the cheek area and along the chin line. Dr. Yildirim is very sensitive in his approach. Like an artist, he repeatedly looks at the face he has redefined and improves it with the tiniest nuances, drop by drop, so to speak.

A true artist when it comes to face contouring

“During treatment with Juvéderm.® Voluma with Lidocaine you can see the result immediately. The hyaluronic acid is very easy to distribute and modulate. I have had particularly good experience with it for years.” And how long will the RESULT hold? “Up to 24 months. After that, you can do small touch-ups.” And the COST? Temples with cheek area cost at Dr. Yildirim from 3,000, the Full-Face Y-Shape around 6,000 euros. To the SIDE EFFECTS count only swelling and bruising – if you put yourself in the hands of an expert with many years of experience.

The treatment lasts more than 90 minutes in total, that’s how much time the doctor takes to correct even the smallest imperfection. The result is sensational and Sabine M. takes the doctor and also me overjoyed in her arms after the treatment. The doctor even gives her a makeup tip for her eyebrows at the end – he is a perfectionist and a true artist in his field.

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