Face contouring with hyaluronic acid fillers

Little pain, hardly any side effects and, above all, a natural result – this can be achieved with the new face contouring according to special beauty codes. How exactly does it work?

Whether thread lifting, laser lifting or hyaluronic acid fillers – aesthetic medicine is constantly developing. New in the field of facial fillers are the so-called MD codesTM, developed by internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio. What is behind it? We were there live during a treatment at the Klinik am Rhein.

The MD Codes™ designate subsegments of individual facial areas. These subsegments represent the structurally crucial points for the correct placement of filler injections depicted. Dr. de Maio located 75 points on the face for the creation of the MD Codes™. For each of these points, his guide provides individual, precise instructions on the filling material to be used, the Injection volumeThe following table shows the different injection volumes, the preferred injection technique, and the needle to be used.

Face contouring according to beauty codes

The emotional reasons to find out and integrate into the treatment (“I want to look fresher”, “I want to appear less grim”, “I want to look more feminine”) are, besides the condition of the skin and the volume of the face, essential criteria for the Success of the treatment. How exactly this face contouring is applied and what it can do:

Patient Svenja Höppner wants an overall rejuvenating effect, but one that is necessarily look natural should. She has opted for a Filler treatment with the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Edouard H. Manassa. The small wrinkles, especially around the lip area, bother her the most. “Otherwise, I am very open to Dr. Manassa’s optimization suggestions,” explains the 53-year-old publisher.

3-D effect through face contouring

Face contouring is THE secret when it comes to defined facial features and a youthful appearance. “By face contouring with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers the face is sculpted to give it a natural 3-D effect,” emphasizes Dr. Manassa.

For this to succeed, the plastic surgeon first analyzes the patient’s face with a 3-D camera. “The camera makes an accurate skin analysis and detects much more than can be seen with the naked eye. It is a good tool for subsequently creating an individualized treatment plan.”

New volume according to MD codesTM

Face Contouring, Hyaluronic Filler, Filler, Wrinkle Injection, Juvéderm, Klinik am Rhein, Dr. Manassa, Allergan, Marina Jagemann“The aging process is caused mainly by the. Loss of volume of the deep fat. The so-called triangle of beauty is thus reversed: Where in younger years there were full cheeks and smooth skin, at some point there are flatter cheeks, a downward sagging mouth and wrinkles1. Face contouring is designed to counteract this,” says Dr. Manassa.

Dr. Manassa plans the Refresh lips, the face according to the MD codesTM by Dr. de Maio to restore lost volume and define the chin line. For each area there are different fillers with different properties.

“The Volume treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers is the most natural and effective way to make someone look younger,” says Dr. Manassa. To achieve this, a precise Knowledge of facial anatomy the prerequisite – only specially trained physicians may use the method.

Svenja Höppner agrees with the treatment plan. Is she afraid of pain or side effects? “To be honest, I am a bit excited. Although I have already had my Nasolabial folds had injections, but that was several years ago. I’m excited.”

Innovative filler technology

The new types of Juvéderm® Filler with Vycross®-Technology. They are designed to cover the needs of all facial areas. How is this possible? The Vycross®-technology is a patented combination of hyaluronic acid with lower and high molecular weight and a special cross-linking. “This allows the hyaluronic acid to integrate perfectly into the respective skin region and has a particularly long-lasting effect,” according to the plastic surgeon’s experience.

Face contouring, hyaluronic filler, filler, wrinkle injection, Juvéderm, Klinik am Rhein, Dr. Manassa, Allergan, Marina JagemannDr. Manassa is very careful during the treatment, always asks how the patient feels and makes small breaks to look at the result and if necessary inject a little more. All in all, the Face Contouring almost an hour.

Face contouring is almost painless

And how did it feel? “I imagined it to be much more painful,” says Svenja Höppner. “It did sting a little in between, but that’s hardly worth mentioning.”

When she takes a final look in the mirror, the 53-year-old is thrilled: “I think the result is just great! I’m very happy!” In fact, the Rejuvenation immediately visible. But what makes it special is that it can improve over the next four weeks. “Since the volume buildup occurs in the deep layers of the skin, the skin quality also optimizesbecause the injected fillers additionally stimulate the formation of collagen and fat cells,” emphasizes Dr. Manassa.

Side effects:

As with any medical procedure, filler treatment with hyaluronan carries the risk of adverse effects. Usually, these side effects are not permanent and are often caused by the injection itself. Possible consequences of the treatment may include redness, swelling or bruising around the injection site.1,2,3,4 The Juvéderm® Fillers should be used only by qualified physicians. Allergan provides detailed information for physicians on the risks and benefits of the products. This is available with every Juvéderm®-packing as product information enclosed.


The fillers from Juvéderm® can achieve a long-lasting and natural result (9 to 24 months depending on product and indication). 5, 6-11


Depending on the number of injection points from 500 euros.


More info: www.juvederm.de Zinc DE/1117/2018


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