Eyelid lift – when is the right time for it?

Eyelid lifts are among the most frequently performed operations within aesthetic medicine. Eyelid correction is the “classic” procedure for men to turn tired and sad eyes back into a fresh, open look. For women, eye surgeries even rank first among all treatments. Is there the right age for this procedure?

“Upper eyelid surgery is the so-called gateway drug for both sexes, this is often used to test what effect a surgical measure can have on the face,” explains plastic aesthetic surgeon Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Funk. Many humans suffer already starting from the 30. year of life from the so-called Schlupflidern. In men it often manifests itself as a grim look, in women as a tired facial expression.

“The timing is as individual as the patient himself,” Dr. Funk said. “Even the surgeries themselves are so individual that you can’t name a fixed age. The bottom line is that the right time is when the eyelids become so heavy that you think about them at least once a day, or possibly are even spoken to about them,” said the plastic aesthetic surgeon .

Eyelid lift – risks and costs

Upper eyelid lift is usually performed between the ages of 40 and 55, sometimes a little earlier – depending on the patient’s anatomical situation. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or even twilight sleep, general anesthesia is usually not common. In order to make the after-effects such as bruises and swelling as invisible as possible, a time window of about one week should be given. Made up, most patients can then return to their everyday lives.

“It is very important to have the status of one’s eye documented in advance by visiting the ophthalmologist, who will check criteria such as dryness and other risk factors of the eyes,” emphasizes Dr. Funk.

To the SIDE EFFECTS, such as swelling and slight bleeding, also include complications, although these are very rare in practiced hands. These include dryness of the eyes – if dryness existed previously. Eyelid closure may be somewhat impeded by the swelling initially. However, modern eyelid surgery controls these RISKS very well. Therefore, asymmetry of the eyes can also be avoided by accurate measurement in advance. “However, you have to assume that each eye is shaped a little differently and also has a different size. No two eyes are really the same one to one. The natural expression should remain,” emphasizes Dr. Funk.

The OP COSTS amount to about 3,000 euros, including hospital stay and anesthesia. In particularly pronounced cases (field of vision restriction), even the health insurance companies cover part of the costs.

In the case of a well-conducted operation with healing without complications, the RESULT 10 years, sometimes a lifetime.

Photo: Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock.com