Eyelid lift for men – the best means of optical rejuvenation.

The Blepharoplasty (Eyelid lift) was in man 2019 one of the most popular procedure in aesthetic plastic surgery. With age, the tension in the eyelid skin and muscles decreases. The eyelids begin to droop. They look droopy and tired.

In men, the upper eyelid in particular begins to droop more. This can get to the point where it noticeably restricts vision. Bags under the eyes, formed by loose skin and the underlying fatty tissue, reinforce the impression of fatigue and exhaustion. This affects not only the individual perception of beauty, but also the perception of others.

Cosmetics do not stop this sagging

Cosmetics, cold face showers and the like do not help in the long run. Makeup also cannot cover up drooping eyelids and sagging bags under the eyes. In addition, most men are reluctant to use makeup.

In order to regain a fresh and energetic expression of the eyes, there remains the uncomplicated eyelid lift remains the method of first choice for men as well..

The operation differs slightly between woman and man, since the eyebrows are slightly lower in the man. This must be taken into account when planning the incisions. Whether a brow lift is necessary or not is discussed and planned with Dr. Martha Bernard already in the preliminary discussion with the patient. This prevents there being a shift up or down, and the individual expression, the typical appearance, is preserved.

Performance of the operation

The eyelid lift is a outpatient procedure, which can be performed under local anesthesia and with sedation if desired. First, the incision is drawn on the closed eyes. This is done according to the patient’s wishes. Then the actual operation takes place.

Drooping eyelids can be treated minimally invasively

In this procedure, excess fat is suctioned out through a small stitch. The tightening of the upper and lower eyelids is performed with tiny incisions that are inconspicuously placed.

The scar at the Upper eyelid lift is placed in the eyelid crease so that it is later invisible. The Lower eyelid lift takes a little longer than the upper eyelid lift and is more often performed with sedation. The incisions are made on the inside of the lower eyelid, for example, to avoid visible scars later on here as well.

Aftercare of an eyelid lift in men

The whole procedure takes only about 1.5 hours for both eyes. Eyelid lift in men is an operation with very low risk, tried and tested many times and further developed.

During the healing period, there may be temporary Bruising, Swellings and in rare cases to Tear flow or eyelid closure difficulties. may occur. These bodily reactions to the injury subside again. Adequate cooling in the period immediately after the operation, as well as careful adherence to the aftercare prescribed by the doctor, will help to reduce the effects. After one to two weeks, everything has subsided to the point where it is no longer noticeable and you can go on to your daily routine.