Eyelid lift – a patient reports

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Already in their early thirties, some women suffer from drooping eyelids. A surgical eyelid lift can help against this. What the operation feels like and how best to apply makeup afterwards – a field report and video interviews with plastic surgeon Dr. Jens Beatge and Sisley makeup artist Udo Zeier.

Eyelid lifts are among the most commonly performed surgeries within aesthetic medicine. “Eyelid correction is the ‘classic’ way to turn tired and sad eyes back into a fresh, open look,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Jens Baetge, head of the Nuremberg clinic.

In fact. Eyelid Lift the most frequently performed surgery and makes clear what effect a surgical measure can have on the face: “Small operation, big effect“, says Dr. Baetge. Patient Wenke Meier, whom we met six months after her procedure, agrees.

Eyelid lift is the most common surgery

The fitness expert has worked on her Droopy eyelids was particularly disturbed by the fact that her field of vision was restricted and make-up was no longer really possible. “From the first consideration to the decision for the surgery, however, another almost two years passed. I thought about the step very carefully and took the carefully selected the doctor“, says Wenke Meier.

Dr. Baetge explains how he performed the surgery: “I made the incision across the edge of the eyelid performed so that the lateral excess skin can still be removed.”

No pain after eyelid lift surgery

Had Wenke Meier Afraid of the procedure, Afraid of the pain? “No, I was not afraid at all and in fact after the eyelid lift I was not at all no pain. As an exercise person, it was therefore really difficult for me to give rest for a few days and cool down consistently.”

In the Nuremberg clinic, in addition to the individual surgery planning also attaches great importance to the Aftercarewhich is why upper eyelid corrections are often performed as inpatient procedures.

And at what point can you return to your daily routine? “As a rule after one week the stitches are taken out and then eye makeup is also possible again,” says Dr. Baetge. Plus great tips from Sisley Make-up Artist Udo Zeier in video interview:


The operation can be performed in local anesthesiaor also in Twilight sleep be performed, general anesthesia is usually not common. With bruises and swelling one must expect for at least a week.

To the SIDE EFFECTS, such as swelling and slight bleeding, also include complications, although these are very rare in practiced hands. These include dryness of the eyes – if dryness existed previously. Eyelid closure may be somewhat impeded by the swelling initially. Modern eyelid surgery masters these RISKS however, very well. Therefore, asymmetry of the eyes can also be avoided by precise measurement in advance.

The OP COSTS amount to about 3,000 euros, including hospital stay and anesthesia. In particularly pronounced cases (field of vision restriction), even the health insurance companies cover part of the costs.

In the case of a well-conducted operation with healing without complications, the RESULT 10 years, sometimes a lifetime.