Eyelash stretching – Sensai 38 degrees in test

Dense and beautifully curved – that’s how eyelashes make a sexy eye look. If, like me, you don’t have them naturally, you need reliable allies: the right mascara and intelligent care, like that provided by an eyelash serum. Does it create the wow effect? I test the Sensai 38 degree…

For me, mascara in the morning is as natural part of the beauty routine as brushing my teeth. Without mascara, without me! But beware: after two to three months at the latest, you should replace the mascara. When looking for a new mascara, I am always spoiled for choice. What makes a perfect mascara? My wish: it should lengthen and thicken the lashes. I decide this time for the new Sensai Mascara 38 degrees. The promise: it has a stretching effect on the lashes and lengthens them naturally through a special stretching formula.

More momentum with Sensai 38 degrees

In fact, my eyelashes get a dream length through the “Sensai Lash Lengthener 38°”. At the same time, my lash line is styled perfectly. What I particularly like: the brush reaches every lash. This is because each brush hair is triangular by design, with three grooves on each side. This serves to store the optimal amount of mascara between the grooves, carefully coating each lash. This gives even the shortest lash, which is barely visible to the naked eye, still color and curl. The mascara costs about 33 euros.

I would like to treat my eyelashes to an extra portion of care. I’ve learned: Just as curls lose their bounce through moisture, eyelashes can also lose moisture. What to do. In addition to mascara, I also test an eyelash serum.


Eyelash serums and products that only care for eyelashes are now many. The “Lash Conditioner” by Sensai promises more, however, and makes me curious. Through him, the sensitive hairs around the eyes should come so right ‘in momentum’. Unfortunately, many eyelashes also need this. Today it is common practice to lengthen eyelashes, to wave them (permanently) or to thicken them with false ones. This means stress for the fine hairs. Even though I don’t subject my eyelashes to such ordeals, I’m not always very gentle when removing my eye makeup every day.

As with damaged hair, stressed eyelashes, when viewed under a microscope, show damage to the cuticle and gaps. Both result in thin, dull, brittle and cracked eyelashes. Intelligent ingredients are now supposed to work against this.

Fix & Fill – eyelash serum in the test

For soft and shiny lashes, the CC Fixer (Cuticle Cover) repairs the cuticle in the first step. The CC Filler (Cortext Cavitiy) gives density and strength by refilling the gaps between the hair cells.

Take momentum

A PT (protein) enhancer provides the necessary bounce. Here, the elasticity and the curl effect of the eyelashes are promoted by strong protein compounds. In addition, nourishing ingredients prevent the penetration of moisture.


The Contioner can be applied prima and gehröt soon to my beauty routine. Already after a short time of use, my eyelashes are more elastic and after two weeks I have the feeling that the lash line is now also stronger and denser. The Sensai “Eye Lash Conditioner” costs about 56.00 euros.