Eyelash extension – how it works

Beautifully long and with super volume: that’s how our eyelashes should be. How do we do it? With fake eyelashes – individually or as a lash line. Make-up artist Giovanni Fasiello explains how eyelash extensions work.

A thick lash line makes the eyes look radiant and expressive. That’s why most women use a mascara every day before leaving the house. But what can you do if mascara alone does not bring the eyelashes into the desired shape? This is how eyelash extensions do-it-yourself (DIY) works.

Eyelash extension with fake eyelashes

The quickest and easiest way to conjure up the desired volume is with individual, artificial eyelashes. They are placed between your own eyelashes and provide fullness and length. If you want to open up the look, give the eye an awake and fresh expression, small clusters of eyelashes are suitable again, which are glued reinforced to the middle of the upper eyelid. For dramatic moments, eyelash wreaths are taken, which completely cover the own eyelashes. Normally, fake eyelashes belong exclusively on the upper eyelid, as they are too long for the lower eyelid and do not adhere very well. However, so that there is a visual balance, the eyelashes of the lower eyelid should get an extra coat of mascara.

Eyelash extension DIY

And this is how the custom work works: have a magnifying mirror and tweezers ready. Clean the eyelids with a grease-absorbing product (e.g. “Cleansing & Makeup Remover” by Shiseido, 125 ml cieka 29 euros). Now spread the glue very thinly on the lash line and wait 30 seconds. Prop up elbow and press lashes very close to the base of the lashes. Professional tip from Reviderm Make-up Artistic Director Giovanni Fasiello: “Lift your chin and look in the mirror. This will automatically lower the lids. Start in the center of the eyelid and then glue the lashes to both sides.” By the way, the glue usually only adheres properly after about 15 minutes, so you can still correct for a while.

The shorter hairs belong at the inner corner of the eye. Since band lashes are often too long, they must be shortened individually. To do this, place the artificial eyelashes on the eyelid and remove them with the tweezers at the point where they are to be cut off. Pick up the single eyelash with the tweezers, dip it with the knot into the glue and stick it to the edge of the eyelid at irregular intervals. Always fix the fake eyelashes after applying mascara to your own eyelashes, as mascara forms a perfect base. Apply eyeshadow only at the end, otherwise you will smudge it when gluing on the eyelashes.

Lead photo: Engin Akyurt

Photo: Kristina Ratobilska