Eyelash curler XXL with eyelash serum?

Yes, I admit it. The advertising promise to conjure up long, thick lashes with a little brush and some kind of invisible ink made me curious. Can an eyelash serum really work? And do you have to go for the expensive market leader? Or is the product from the pharmacy also enough? A “long-distance test” in the extended sense:

My experiment begins on August 13. In the evening before going to bed. Removing makeup as usual. But before the night care now comes the new duty. To be able to determine a real difference, if necessary, I brush the pharmacy product on the upper left eyelid wheel, and the more expensive one from the American manufacturer on the right.

I’m excited and maybe a little apprehensive. Hopefully there will be no irritation! The eyelash serum from the pharmacy is surprisingly cool and pleasant in the first moment, he absorbs quickly. Everything is also irritation-free and neutral on the right eye at first. Hah! Luck had. But after about half an hour, I feel a slight burning sensation on the lash line. Please please – anything but an allergic reaction! Fortunately, the burning is only short-lived… After three weeks, I think something might be starting to happen. But far from it. On both eyes, the eyelashes are as ever.

Megawashes thanks to eyelash serum?

From now on, it is only measured every Sunday – but diligently brushed on the eyelash serum every day. After a total of six weeks, I notice subtle differences when applying mascara. The lashes on the left eye seem a little firmer. But they are on the right eye felt a little longer. Imagination? Wishful thinking? What do I actually expect?

I would like to be surprised by the result. I just hope that my eyes do not become too different in the next three test weeks and that I can still compensate for the differences with the mascara if necessary. But yes. It gets a little more elaborate every day. On the left, the lashes are a bit more stable/less bendy, on the right, they curve upward with momentum. Ink in the ratio 5:2.

Confirmation: Eyelash serum works

By week eight, I’m polling girlfriends, “Look me in the eye, little girl. Do you notice anything?” It is confirmed to me three times independently and without warning, “Yes. The eyelashes are longer on the right. Are you using an eyelash serum?” Yes. With that, the experiment was officially over after just under twelve weeks.

Conclusion: Both eyelash boosters have shown a clear effect. But the eyelash serum of the American manufacturer makes – at least for me – the longer eyelashes. From an acquaintance I learn that the effect was exactly the opposite with her.

In any case, I now apply the serum only once a week on the right and daily on the left. In the meantime, the eyelashes have almost equalized and it is really enough to let the little brush conjure on the eyelid once a week to maintain the splendor of the eyelashes….

Product info:

The American lash booster Revita Lash Advanced is a high-tech BioPeptin complex with biotin, ginseng and calendula extract. Depending on the supplier, the 3.5 ml conditioner costs around 130 euros.

The Eyelash Booster from the pharmacy of medipharma cosmetics consists of a highly developed active ingredient complex with caffeine and for the care of the eyelashes hyaluron and panthenol. 2.7 ml costs about 21 euros. Medipharma cosmetics emphasizes that the serum is produced without prostaglandins, parabens, fragrances and preservatives.

Text: Bettina Sewald