Eye laser surgery – a field report!

Sometimes it is always annoying to wear glasses. So it happened to Daniela, who was also not really happy with the appearance of his “glasses face”. She was therefore interested in the topic of eye lasers and researched…

Every year thousands of people with defective vision decide to have laser eye surgery. In Germany about 120,000 refractive errors per year go for laser eye surgery to see without glasses or contact lenses. Does the operation deliver what it promises? A person affected tells of his experiences and we answer the most important questions about laser eye surgery..

Why did you decide to have laser eye surgery?

I had glasses pretty early on and have never really been happy with them. Especially when I traveled, I often struggled with my contact lenses. Then, when I realized that eye lasers could be not so expensive my vanity got the better of me. From the idea to the first appointment or treatment, everything went pretty quickly.

What method was used to perform the laser eye surgery?

I didn’t really choose the method. I was offered the SMILE method from Smile Eyes because of my visual acuity and my astigmatism recommended. And since I would now not necessarily call myself a professional in the field of eye lasers, I relied on the experience of the clinic and the doctors.

How did you find your doctor?

When choosing a clinic, I relied a lot on the opinions of acquaintances and friends. My doctor, Dr. Med. Veronique Rath, was assigned to me by Smile Eyes. And I could not have had a better doctor. She is very emphatic, has gentle manner and explained to me without much fuss, how the laser eye surgery worksanswered all my questions and took away my last doubts.

How was the laser treatment of the eyes?

First, you can take a sedative tablet before the treatment, should you feel queasy. After about 10 minutes, I was taken to a kind of anteroom, where I put on surgical cap, overshoes and disposable gown. In addition, I still antibiotic eye drops which are supposed to protect against infections. I was then taken to the operating room. This sounds a bit daunting at first, but it is nothing more than a sterile room with a couch, a few technical devices and the laser above the couch. I lay down on the couch and then the treatment began: a kind of suction ring was placed on my eye to fix it. This is a really unpleasant feeling, but it only lasts for a very short time. Then the Callus with a femtosecond laser VisuMax┬« from the company Carl Zeiss Meditec lasered. A thin corneal lens, the so-called lenticule, is created in the intact cornea and then a small access is created as a minimally invasive tunnel. Through this tunnel, Dr. Rath carefully removes the lenticule. A “flap” as it is common with other procedures, does not take place here at all. The whole thing sounds pretty violent up to this point, but it happens in a few seconds and I didn’t feel a thing.

You don’t really feel the laser itself either. You only see a green light and within about 10 seconds it’s already over. Immediately after the eye laser I still took the picture with Dr. Rath, on which I look as if I had partied through two nights. Afterwards, I was placed in a rest area and had to keep my eyes closed for about 5 minutes. After that I was allowed to protected with sunglasses make your way home. Since you don’t have full vision, you should definitely have someone pick you up. On my own, I fortunately only had to find my way to the front door, as I was picked up there by a friend.

Was laser eye surgery painful?

I would Eye laser no longer as painful. The only unpleasant part is actually when this “feather” is placed in your eye for fixation. It’s definitely a very uncomfortable, but mostly unfamiliar feeling and not really painful. I would most likely describe it as a strange tugging on the eye.

Were you afraid of possible complications?

In the first interview, you get what is called a “clarification sheet.” From the Explanation of the different types of refractive errors everything from the treatment methods to the complications is actually very clearly structured in here. But even though there is really a lot listed, I think you should not get too crazy. How often have you taken medication without reading the package insert? I have nevertheless all complications I read through all the complications one after the other and then decided for myself that I still wanted to undergo the treatment. In my opinion, this is also very much about the very extensive reassurance of the clinic.

How are you doing after the procedure? What has changed for you?

Immediately after the treatment, I was still a bit exhausted because my eyes were still very sensitive. It helps to keep the eyes closed as much as possible and to take it easy. The eyes are then still very sensitive to light for a few daysBut I think that is a little different for everyone. It took me about four days to be able to go about my daily life without sunglasses. But I also heard from acquaintances that they had no more stress with sunlight or too bright rooms already on the second day. And about the change: Since I had to rely on glasses from a very early age, I was pretty blown away the moment I saw sharper and sharper from day to day I have seen. And that without glasses. I can still remember when I woke up on the second day after the laser eye surgery and could suddenly see the arches on the balcony. That was a real goosebump moment.

Are you satisfied with the result?

I had my treatment in April 2022. So far I am very satisfied with the result. And since I now see much sharper in places than I did before with my glasses, there is nothing stopping me from recommending the treatment.