Eye care – this is what matters in the summer

Not all eye care is the same. Care should always be tailored to the skin type and specific requirements. In summer, the eye area is particularly demanding.

How can you best protect the eye area in the summer months and what can you do if wrinkles have already appeared around the eyes? Answers to this in the VIDEO-INTERVIEW with Dr. Sonja Sattler, co-founder of the Rosenpark Clinic.

What should you pay attention to now when caring for your eyes?

“Our eye area is particularly stressed during the summer months. The skin is very thin, has few or no sebaceous glands, and is poorly able to protect itself. On vacation, wind and seawater add additional stress factors. As a result, the eye area suffers, develops wrinkles and dry skin. That’s why regular care, including light protection, is very important.”

Can sunscreen be used for eye care?

“You should definitely use sunscreen around the eye area. It is important to choose the product. It’s best to use special products to prevent the cream from sliding toward the mucous membrane around the eyes.”

According to what criteria should you choose your sunglasses?

“The most important criterion is, of course, good visibility through the glasses. UV protection should already be built into the lenses. Do not choose lenses that are too small, so that the sunlight does not reach the sensitive skin area from the sides. Better to invest a little more money in good sunglasses with UV protection than to buy inexpensive ones that then provide poor or no protection.”

If wrinkles have appeared around the eyes, what can be done about them?

“The best way to protect the eye area is to take preventive action. Botulinum toxin-A is suitable to prevent crow’s feet or wrinkles from forming in the first place due to blinking. Most patients come to us already at the end of spring to be prepared for the summer months, so that no more wrinkles appear. Once the wrinkles are there, the only way to hydrate the skin and smooth out wrinkles is with regular care and light hyaluronic acids. For treatment in the winter months, lasers or radiofrequency needling can also be considered. However, all measures around the eye should be used with caution, which is why good prophylaxis is especially important here.”

Are puffy eyes particularly common in summer?

“If someone is prone to increased puffiness around the eyes in the summer months, it’s usually a lymph problem. Lymph and heat do not go well together, as lymphatic drainage can be disrupted by the heat. One result can be puffy eyes in the morning. If one is otherwise completely healthy, there is no need to worry much at first. However, if one has had hyaluronic treatment in the eye area in the past few years, it is best to have it checked to see if there is a connection. If the swelling is more severe, the family doctor should check thyroid and kidney function. However, mild swelling that goes away by cooling the affected area is nothing unusual in the summer.”

How important is daily care and which products are particularly important in summer?

“Daily eye care is extremely important and this is where regularity really matters: Apply eye cream in the morning and in the evening. Due to the heat, in the summer you can rely on lighter textures in facial care, which are less greasy. This is not recommended for the eye area. Especially in summer, provide the skin there with a rich care with UV protection, as the skin should remain supple.”

Are oil-based products particularly suitable for cleansing the eye area?

“Daily cleansing of the eye area is essential. Remnants of makeup with eyeliner pencil, eye shadow or mascara must be thoroughly removed. Oil-based makeup removers are better suited for this than water-based ones, as they can dissolve the pollutants and pigments particularly well.”