Experience with thread lifting – what is the benefit of lifting without surgery?

Sounds painful, but it is a relatively gentle way to counteract gravity: a thread lift becomes especially effective when combined with other treatments. We follow one patient and she reports in the VIDEO about her experience with thread lifting.

Used are medical, self-dissolving PDO sutures, which are equipped with tiny barbs. The small hooks anchor immediately after the procedure with the subcutaneous fat tissue and thus support the sagging skin. Threads and barbs dissolve completely and are removed via the lymph. Experience with thread lifting has also shown that the effects can be improved with a Treatment Mix can be optimized.

The patient found the doctor for aesthetic surgery Taina Thoma in Meerbusch through recommendations from her circle of friends. “After all, it’s not that easy to find the right doctor for the treatment you want,” explains the 45-year-old. “That’s why it’s so important to share our experiences.” At VIDEO article the expert explains everything worth knowing about thread lifting and we were there live during the treatment.

What do you combine the treatment with to further improve the effect?

“Depending on how far the individual aging process of the skin has progressed, I decide for each patient with which methods and in which combination I want to improve the optimal effect can achieve. This includes Botox and various fillers in addition to sutures.”

What role does age play?

“Not always does the Skin Age the actual age. Depending on genetic conditions, environmental influences and lifestyle, the skin can appear younger or sometimes be massively pre-aged. The ideal patient has realistic goals. For younger patients, for example, this can be a Optimization of the chin line can be. Where the sagging only starts very slightly, I can – instead of working with hyaluronic acid and possibly building up unwanted volume – use threads, for example the new “Princess Threads Anchor Plus” from Croma to create a supporting framework of micro-scarring and collagen fiber strands generate.”

What are your experiences with thread lifting?

“The Cheek section is ideal for a thread lift. Along individually defined lines, I can theoretically build up tension in any direction. In the process, I combine techniques and materials as needed. Sutures and hyaluronic acid complement each other perfectly: In the case of age-related volume loss, which becomes visible from around the age of 45, I like to first restore the fullness with injections and then perform a thread treatment. Repetitions strengthen the effect, by building on each other.”

Is thread lifting a lunchtime treatment?

“This is also case-by-case. Does someone have a tendency to bruiseThese can never be ruled out. That may be possible are a few days rest after treatment perfect.”