Experience with mesotherapy – stitch by stitch beautiful?

Accurately beautiful! Not only with Botox, fillers or laser you can fight against the ponds of time. Even with a kind of gun or fine needles one should become beautiful stitch by stitch. What sounds a bit martial is actually a gentle therapy and usually lasts no longer than 15 to 30 minutes. What is the experience with mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the magic word for this. It is a mixture of acupuncture, neural and reflex zone therapy. What does it have to do with aesthetic medicine? Plenty! In this procedure, an individually formulated cocktail of active ingredients is used precisely to combat wrinkles, cellulite or hair loss.

Originally, the method with the punctual injection technique comes from France and there one has already for over 50 years experience with the Mesotherapie”, explains the physician and president of the German society for Mesotherapie, Dr. Britta Knoll, which introduced this method quasi in Germany.

The idea of using mesotherapy also for the Aesthetic medicine to use is convincing: Hyaluronic acid, vitamins or co-enzymes are gently and precisely delivered to where they are needed: on the face, scalp or body.

Experience with mesotherapy against wrinkles

“What I particularly like about the therapy is the long medical background, she experience with mesotherapy and the variety of applications,” explains dermatologist Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmachers, who regularly uses the therapy in her Munich practice against wrinkles, a tired complexion or hair loss. Incidentally, mesotherapy is offered by cosmeticians without needles, often under the name of Mesolift. Here, a special device is used to inject active ingredients from serums and creams deeper into the skin.

Risks and side effects

Except for slight redness at the injection sites, there are no serious side effects with any application. Depending on the type, small hematomas and swellings may occur. There are no side effects with mesotherapy without needles.

Downtime after mesotherapy

Hematomas and redness can be covered immediately after treatment.

Result and experience with mesotherapy

The skin texture is improved, it gets new elasticity, wrinkles are reduced. Blood circulation is stimulated, the complexion has more radiance and hair grows back.

Cost of mesotherapy treatment

Depending on the area, from 300 euros.