Even complexion makes 12 years younger

A smooth, beautiful, even complexion makes us look up to 12 years younger. This is what researchers at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna have found out.

In their study, they superimposed photos of 169 women between the ages of ten and 70 on a standard model, retouching wrinkles as they went. 430 subjects were asked to estimate the age of the women. An even complexion made the women look up to 12 years younger and healthier. A more than good reason to do something good for your own complexion! Here are the best tips.

Every day, our skin accumulates millions of dead skin cells, they settle like a gray veil on the skin and leave the complexion tired and sallow look. Solution for an even complexion: Remove flakes from the skin in the morning and evening. Briefly massage in cleanser with circular movements, then remove with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. E.g. “Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm” by Sensai, 125 ml 43 euros.

Anti aging skin care from Sensai: What the world's first silk product can really do

After cleansing, the skin is delighted with Sensai’s “Micro Mousse Treatment”, which acts like a Wake-up Call is supposed to work. The motto: “train your skin” – Micro Bubbles and Koishimaru Silk Royal shall make the skin glow.and provide an even complexion. How does it work? An innovative process makes it possible by Micro-bubbles can be produced in a diameter so small that they are smaller than a skin pore. The scientists at the Japanese company have more than 10 years of research invested to develop this treatment.

Even complexion with Sensai's Illuminative Cream

Wrinkles and an even complexion do not go together, they disrupt the skin’s appearance. Wrinkles cast dark shadows on the skin, while Pigmentary shifts lead to an irregular skin appearance and sallow skin tone. The “Illuminative Cream” is the new solution against shadow-causing wrinkles and a dull appearance. The new active ingredient complex and Dual Action Illuminiser activates the formation of fibroblast cells and Collagen. Promotes epidermal Cell renewal, ensures their perfect arrangement on the surface of the skin and thus a smooth, even skin tone. It also prevents the formation of new pigmentary disorders, thus balancing the skin tone and increasing its luminosity. Ideally use in combination with the “Micro Mousse Treatment” in the morning and evening. Jar with 40 ml approx. 189 euros.


And finally, a new foundation provides the final kick on the way to an even complexion. the “Flawless Satin Moisture Foundation” by Sensai provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture and scores with optimal adhesion, even under FFP 2 masks! This reliable adhesion is made possible by an elastic film that moves with facial expressions while giving the complexion a soft glow. Soft-focus powder pigments (Natural Blurring Powder) reliably correct any skin imperfections and maintain a soft, natural finish despite the stronger coverage. Available in nine shades, 30 ml approx. 51 euros.

Extra tips for an even complexion:

Tablets with iron, zinc and selenium are good glow helpers. Eye drops instantly brighten eyes and add a nice, attractive glow to the whole look. Allow primer to absorb well before applying foundation. Mix makeup with a drop of face oil or highlighter – gives the complexion an even look.