Ending the taboo – Why we should be open about beauty procedures

“Anyone who goes to the beautydoc has complexes, is vain or will regret it, because something always goes wrong” – although minimally invasive treatments such as injections with muscle relaxants or lip fillers have long been widespread and many prominent ladies also have “made” breasts, beautyeingriffen and Schönheits-OPs – no matter what kind – still meet with rejection. But why is that? We concede prejudices against beauty treatments and reveal why beauty should no longer be a secret.

Prejudices aside

Covering gray hair, bleaching teeth or having ears made – a little optimization is perfectly okay for society. However, if you tell your fellow human beings that you have had “something done”, they quickly react with prejudice. Unfortunately, beauty procedures are usually viewed in terms of the often unsuccessful or unnatural examples from the celebrity world. The list of negative examples is long and still has a deterrent effect on many.

Less is more

Naturalness is the goal! Choosing an experienced and specialized doctor is paramount for beauty procedures of any kind. Or would you have your teeth whitened by your hairdresser?! Joking aside, experienced medical professionals can respond precisely to the wishes and ideas of their patients. Thanks to high-quality products and advanced injection techniques, “tube lips” and “frozen faces” are now a thing of the past.

More understanding for beauty treatments

Beauty procedures are not always performed for purely aesthetic considerations. Why medical help is sought for the sake of “beauty” has many different and, for the individual, valid reasons. People can be freed from physical ailments so that they enjoy a higher quality of life. For example, those who suffer from a severely developed masseter muscle are usually affected by nighttime teeth grinding. This habit, which is harmful to dental health, can be reduced by Facial Slimming.

In addition to physical ailments, there are also many psychological ailments that stem from dissatisfaction with one’s body. For example, some women find it very uncomfortable to be dissatisfied with their bust size. This can cause psychological pressure, as well as depression or fear of going out among people. Aesthetic surgery can boost the self-confidence of such women and make their everyday life easier.

Openness is the key

Beauty shaming should be put to an end! More and more celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kaley Cuoco or Sylvie Meis stand by their procedures and are very satisfied with them. In addition, social networks are helping to make injections and the like socially acceptable. In addition, it is by no means only women who opt for beauty treatments; men are also taking advantage of the available forms of treatment. The possibilities for self-optimization or for overcoming psychological and physical suffering should be accepted by society. After all, in the end we should please ourselves and nothing else!