Dull skin in winter – what can needling, peeling & co. really do?

A beautiful smooth, even skin makes us radiate. It is more important for a youthful appearance than a wrinkle-free face. What can you do about sallow skin, how to maintain a healthy Glow get support?

Of course, not only the complexion, but also the minimization of small wrinkles plays a role when it comes around the topic of sallow skin. Fortunately, there are now various treatment methods, to declare war on small wrinkles and make them disappear in the blink of an eye. Dr. Sonja Sattler, founder of the renowned Rosenpark Clinic and the Bellari Rosenpark talks about the various treatments that can be successfully applied especially in the winter months – for all ages.

For many, sallow skin in winter is a problem. There are various treatments available in aesthetic medicine. To whom do you recommend needling?

“A beautiful skin appearance is what everyone wants. We can achieve that Needling for all, regardless of age and skin type. By removing the scales on the surface of the skin, the result is a fresh complexion, the so-called ‘glow effect’. Perfect against sallow skin! For older people, however, I recommend rather the Radio Frequency Needling, in which the Collagen formation of the skin is stimulated and thus the elasticity of the skin is promoted.”

Winter time is laser time. Which lasers are used for complexion resurfacing?

“There are various laser systems that improve the pores and thus contribute to an improved skin appearance. The classic is the IPL flash lamp. It can be used against pigment disorders, red veins (couperose) and enlarged pores. After three to four treatment repetitions, the skin is ready for spring. The modern picosecond laser, which is actually suitable for tattoo removal and therefore emits stronger beams, is also available in a weakened form for the Skin improvement suitable. The more invasive form of laser treatments usually uses fractional lasers, which damage tissue under the skin or on the surface of the skin so that new tissue can be created. This treatment also leaves the skin looking fresher and more radiant.”

Why is winter the best time for laser treatment?

“Any energy in the form of light waves affects the Pigment production of the skin. Laser treatment can therefore be used as a Side effect cause an overproduction of pigments in the skin, which would be counterproductive for an even skin appearance. The lighter the skin type, the lower the probability of such a hyperpigmentation. However, you’re on the safe side if you consistently avoid UV light and have the treatment done in winter.”

Is there any news on the subject of peeling and for whom are peelings suitable?

“A Peeling is a solution or acid that removes the top layers of skin cells. Nowadays, modern peels such as mandelic acid, salicylic acid, retinol or even the classic fruit acid can be used to gently remove the horny layer of the skin and thus push skin renewal – perfect for dull skin. So the trend is away from the aggressive peelingssuch as the trichloroacetic acids or phenol peels, to gentler peelings, which provide beautiful results for every skin type at four-week treatment intervals.”

Skin boosters are also used to give the skin a special glow. Are there different boosters?

“Over time, many different Skinbooster developed to make the skin glow. Probably the best known and most widely used skinbooster material is Hyaluronic acid, which comes in different material compositions. There are also Skinbboster that contain glycerol, a cream ingredient and for even more intense glow and a better Hydration Provide. Skinbooster are very good for changing and improving the Skin quality and suitable against sallow skin, and they also prevent the formation of red veins due to the good hydration of the skin.”