Does Botox even help against hair loss?

Not all hair loss is the same. Sometimes the genes are to blame for the fact that it sprouts on the head rather sparsely, but also hormones and our lifestyle can lead to hair loss. Stress and tension in particular are frequent triggers. What to do? Expert advice from Dr. Stefan Duve, dermatologist at the Skin and Laser Center at the Opera House.

Appointment hopping and stress – almost normal in our everyday lives. This is precisely one of the causes of hair loss. There is even a medical term for this so-called tension hair loss: Alopecia Contentionalis. What to do?

Stress to the hair root

Like any other part of our body, the skull is surrounded by muscles that become tense in stressful situations, which in the long run leads to tension in the muscles of the skull. As a result, the fine blood vessels directly under the scalp are severely compressed with the consequence that the supply of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the hair root is disturbed. This in turn leads to an undersupply and circulatory disturbance of the hair roots and also the scalp.

Hair roots are sensitive cells

If the hair root is sufficiently supplied, the androgenic hormone DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) promotes hair growth. However, if there is an undersupply, removal is prevented, so that the hormone accumulates in the hair root and causes it to keratinize. As a result, the hair follicle shrinks and the hair falls out. Thus, we can also speak of androgenetic hair loss. Particularly affected are the tense scalp areas crown, forehead and back of the head.

Botox makes the hair grow

The good news is that tension hair loss can be effectively treated by so-called AC therapy. And botulinum toxin (Botox), which is specifically injected into the tense scalp muscles, helps in just such a case. “This results in a weakening of these muscles, and the blood vessels can thus supply the hair follicles again without any problems,” explains dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve from the Skin and Laser Center at Opera. The result: after a few days of treatments, the Botox causes the scalp muscles to relax, albeit artificially, which returns hair growth to normal. “The loss is stopped and the hair grows back normally,” says the dermatologist. For lasting results, the treatment should be repeated every six months. Cost per treatment circa 400 euros. In the meantime, yoga and Digital Detox for a natural relaxation can not hurt either…

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