Do cell phone rays make you sick?

For the first time, a court in Italy* Cell phone radiation recognized as a cause of brain tumor. This is an alarming signal for all mobile phone users, most of whom use the device, which has become a permanent accessory, for entire days without a care in the world. What can be done about it?

Sometimes, when the battery of my landline phone is failing, I simply switch to my cell phone when talking to a friend. Then, when a longer conversation develops, I notice that the device gets hot and over time I get an earache. It burns and pulls, as if someone is tugging my inner ear outward. Sometimes I still feel the pulling a day later. Since every now and then the thesis of dangerous cell phone radiation boils up, I was concerned. I asked my family doctor what to do about it. “Many people have it,” was her only comment. Which didn’t necessarily reassure me. I was suddenly sensitized to the topic.

Some time later, a friend took me to the movies: “Thank You For Calling”. This American film is about electrosmog and how scientific educators worldwide are being bought, flattened and threatened by the mobile phone industry. It was a shock. The extent of our exposure to radiation was not so clear to me until that point. But what do you usually do when you hear something like that? You forget it the next day. Because nothing works without a cell phone. And everyone else does it, too.

Still a while later, I read about a lecture on the same topic. At the beginning the urgent warning of the speaker Deepu Motiramani, management consultant for health, fitness and wellness in Hamburg, not to underestimate this matter. He spoke of the findings of a group of scientists from Omsk, Russia, who got to the bottom of this problem. And he presents alarming facts.

This is what cell phone radiation causes:

  • Already after two minutes strands in the DNA break. The repair department of the body is activated (according to Prof. Dr. med. W. Mosgoeller, Vienna).
  • After five minutes of telephoning the body needs 25 minutes of regeneration time (according to Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, co-founder of the first “European Center for Cosmobiophysic and Preventive Medicine in Rolandseck and winner of the Health Media Award, Cologne, for science communication as well as winner of the special prize preventive medicine: “From space into practice”)
  • After 10 minutes of cell phone use, the radiation exposure is still detectable in the cells of the body six months later (according to Dieter Broers, bio-physicist).
  • After longer phone calls the blood-brain barrier opens (+ placenta 60%). Metals like aluminum and mercury enter the brain, promoting early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (Study by Prof. Salford, MD, Lund University, Sweden).

Read how to protect yourself from cell phone radiation on Monday, Jan. 29!

* Roberto Romeo (57) from Italy used his cell phone for several hours a day for 15 years as part of his job. Now he has a brain tumor. His case was heard in court. He was awarded 500 euros a month by the accident insurance company. This was the first time in the world that electrosmog was recognized as the cause of the brain tumor. This was announced by his lawyers Stefano Bertone and Renato Ambrosio on April 11, 2017 in Ivrea, northern Italy.

Text: Dietlinde Besch

Lead photo: pathdoc/