Different chin shapes in check

More than just a chin: Different chin types

When it comes to the face, we seem to pay rather little attention to one particular body part. We are talking about the chin! In contrast to the lips, the nose or the eyes, which are located in the center of the face and thus have an essential influence on the overall appearance, the chin in the lower facial area only plays a minor role. At least this is a widespread belief. But only very few people are really aware that the chin contributes significantly to the modeling of the entire face. Which chin types exist and how they contribute to the shaping of the face, we reveal in this article.

Bowing chin

We talk about a receding chin when the chin is very flat and visually almost non-existent. Women and also men who are affected by a receding chin often suffer from their chin shape. The cause: As a rule, a receding chin makes the entire face appear undefined and often leads to an unbalanced side profile. However, there is no reason to despair. With the help of injections of hyaluronic acid into the chin, the missing volume in the chin area can be restored and the overall facial proportions can be brought into a more harmonious relationship.

Wide chin

A broad chin is particularly associated with positive character traits such as assertiveness and willpower. Visually, however, a chin that is too wide appears rather robust and masculine. This is a thorn in the side of many women. Especially in relation to the rest of the feminine facial features, a very broad chin can quickly appear disproportionate. In this case, a chin correction with hyaluronic acid can also provide relief. During the injection, the hyaluronic acid used is injected very precisely between the jawbone and the epidermis and the volume is built up in such a way that the excessively wide chin is brought into a more even and uniform shape.

Pointed chin

In the Asian region in particular, a tapered chin is considered optimal. More and more women are expressing a desire for this particular chin shape in this country as well. The trend of the pointed chin is easy to explain from a cosmetic point of view: Although tastes differ, there are definitely some features that an aesthetically harmonious face should have. One of these features is a pointed and delicate chin. The so-called V-shape – the typical youthful face shape that features a narrow chin, taut facial edges and a high cheek volume – promotes a particularly feminine and youthful appearance. Here, too, the desire for a tapered chin can be realized thanks to hyaluronic treatment. Here, hollows or dimples in the chin are filled and the missing volume is added in the necessary areas.

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