Despite heavy sweating – enjoy the summer

Sweating is healthy. Surely most people have heard this before and it is basically true: As soon as the body is too warm inside is too warm inside, the sweat secretion is activated to cool the body back down to a comfortable temperature. This type of Thermoregulation is a process essential for survival to protect the body from overheating. In addition to controlling temperature, sweating flushes toxins from the body. This is why sauna use is considered to have such a high health value.

The natural and important bodily function of sweating is disturbed in some people. It becomes more sweat is produced than necessary would be to regulate its own temperature.

Excessive sweating – not only in summer

The Hyperhidrosis, i.e. the increased production of sweat, is a very unpleasant issue for many sufferers. Often arises a high level of sufferingwhich is often accompanied by worsening of the symptoms instead of improvement. In many patients, the armpits are particularly affected. Hands, feet or a distribution over the entire body are also possible.

Characteristic of hyperhidrosis is above all a uncontrolled sweating at times when it is not really necessary, for example on cold days.

Different degrees of severity of hyperhidrosis are distinguished, which can range from rather small to very extensive sweat patches. The transition is fluid, so that a clear classification is often not possible and also not necessary.

Especially in summer sweat patches are visible. Although these can be concealed under a jacket under certain circumstances, this is hardly an optimal permanent solution. On particularly hot days, clothing that is too warm often only leads to even more sweating with the unpleasant consequence that a shirt or blouse has to be changed more than once a day.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

There are many possible causes of excessive sweat production. Everyone certainly knows the feeling of being nervous before an exam and sweating more than is normally the case. This is not yet a cause for alarm, but a common reaction of the body. Even eating spicy foods or excessively large meals stimulates the metabolism and burns energy, which heats up the body. Strong emotions, such as anger or the excitement before an important appointment, can also lead to the excessive production of stress hormones which in turn boost sweat production.

However, excessive sweating is often exacerbated in unpleasant situations for affected individuals. This can lead to a vicious psychological circle, which must be recognized as early as possible in order to take appropriate countermeasures.

When it occurs for the first time in adulthood, the following can occur nervous disorders, for example, an anxiety disorder, may be the cause of excessive sweating. In addition, a permanent, hormonal changeas is the case, for example, in the context of menopause, strongly influence the body and trigger hyperhidrosis. Overweight belongs to another common indicator in sufferers, in addition to the factors mentioned above.

Self-help options for hyperhidrosis

There are some self-help options for hyperhidrosis. It is especially important to pay attention to a healthy and vitamin-rich diet to pay attention. The intake of sufficient fluids, preferably in the form of mineral water, compensates for the high fluid loss and the loss of mineral salts during sweating. This does not cause sufferers to sweat more.

Particularly spicy products should be avoided as far as possible. Black tea and coffee also promote sweat production, so these drinks should only be consumed in small quantities.

The Reduction of overweight can bring significant relief, which reduces excessive sweating to normal levels. Exercise helps the body to sweat in a stressful situation and also serves to reduce stress.
In some cases, the assistance of a psychotherapist may be appropriate. This is especially the case when anxiety is added or social compartmentalization dominates a sufferer’s life.

Medical treatment options

Several options exist to block uncomfortable sweat production. One variant is the Injection of botulinum toxin.

The main advantage of the method is that the treatment is possible on all parts of the body. In addition, no surgery is required. However the effect wears off after about six monthsso that treatment must be repeated at regular intervals.

A long-term solution to the problem is only possible in the region under the arms. Here there is the possibility of a Sweat gland suction, possibly in combination with scraping of the affected areas, to remove the sweat glands permanently remove.

In addition to this surgical procedure, there is the option of a Laser treatment. Here, the sweat glands are permanently destroyed with the help of the laser. Under certain circumstances, two to three treatments may be necessary to destroy the eliminate the sweat glands completely. The tissue that is no longer functional is broken down by the body.

Particularly for those suffering very severely from hyperhidrosis, medical treatment can increase self-esteem enormously. The fear of being noticed due to wet armpits or unpleasant body odor is conquered by means of a relatively simple procedure.