Derma Filler: The first 24h after application

Derma fillers are used to correct wrinkles and are injected under the skin. In order to achieve the best possible results, there are special rules of conduct before and after the treatment. Find out here what you should pay attention to.

What should be observed immediately after treatment with Derma Filler?

Have you undergone treatment with Derma Filler? Then it is important to behave correctly over the next few hours, days and even weeks so that the active ingredient unfolds optimally and you achieve the most perfect result possible.

When injecting your wrinkles or plumping up certain areas of the face, gels with a proportion of hyaluron or also botulinum toxin are usually used. The aim is to plump up the skin, moisturize it and reduce wrinkles.

If you are a smoker, you should avoid smoking for four to six hours after the treatment, if possible. Makeup is also not allowed for the time being. Wait 24 hours before applying makeup to the skin again.

Tip: Your eye area has been left out? By slightly emphasizing the eyes, you can achieve a great effect without foundation, powder and blush.

What points should be observed in the first 24 hours after derma fillers?

After the application of derma fillers, your body is busy processing the active ingredient. It needs a lot of energy for this. Therefore, if possible, refrain from strenuous physical activities for 48 hours.

In general, it is recommended not to do any sports for two days. Sports have a positive effect on your blood circulation. This is significantly promoted. However, this also increases the risk of hematomas and swelling at the injection sites.

It is helpful to cool the treated area. You can use ice or dip a clean cloth in cold water.

Important: If you reach for ice, it must always be wrapped in a cloth. The ice must not be applied directly to the skin, otherwise frostbite may occur.

The first nights after using the products you should sleep on your back if possible. This will prevent pressure on the treated areas.

What should be taken into account in the one to two weeks after application?

In order for you to enjoy the effects from the application of Derma Filler for a long time, there are also tips for the four weeks after the treatment:

  • Refrain from going to the sauna
  • Renunciation of solarium
  • Renunciation of intensive sun

The activities mentioned above have a direct effect on your skin. They irritate the skin surface, stimulate blood circulation or challenge the immune system. As a result, the fillers may not be processed properly. You are on the safe side if you avoid the above points for at least one week.

General recommendations for a period of two weeks after treatment include refraining from invasive cosmetic treatments or other applications to the facial area if derma fillers have been applied there.

Also not recommended is laser therapy – regardless of the area of the body. If you are planning laser therapy, it should be performed on the day of application with Derma Fillers at the most.

It is also helpful if you do not have any treatments performed in the dental area, such as bleaching or dental cleanings, within two weeks after the application.

What should be observed during the four to six weeks after application?

Even if the effect of the Derma Filler has already largely unfolded after two weeks, you can continue to positively influence optimal healing.

Permanent make-up, microblading or even tattoos should be scheduled after four weeks at the earliest. This also applies if you would like to have laser treatments carried out in the area of application of the Derma Filler.

If the possibility exists, you should refrain from surgery for at least six weeks. They stress the body and can therefore influence the processing of the ingredients from derma fillers.

How can an optimal result be supported?

If you adhere to the aforementioned guidelines after treatment with derma fillers, you are already supporting the healing process very well. In addition, you can ensure an optimal result by implementing further tips.

Drink enough water before and on the day of the treatment. An amount of around two liters a day is recommended.

Even if it seems that massaging the treated areas brings relief from the feeling of pressure and pain – do not do it. Facial massages should not be performed for the first few days after treatment. Discuss with the practitioner when they can be used again.

Allow yourself to rest. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your body is working after treatment and will benefit if you get enough rest and sleep.

Important: Be sure not to take antibiotics or blood thinning medications as early as two weeks prior to derma filler application.

Conclusion on the first 24 hours after derma filler application.

The success of an application with a derma filler depends, among other things, on your behavior in the first hours, days and weeks afterwards. Especially in the 24 hours after the treatment your body needs rest. You can cool the affected area.

By not wearing makeup, the skin will not be further irritated. You should also avoid all exertion. This is especially true for sports or other physical exertion in the first 48 hours, as these stress your body and also promote blood circulation.

FAQ – Behavior after treatment with Derma Filler

Can I apply care products?

You should clarify with your practitioner whether the filled area can be treated with care products. He will tell you exactly what to look out for. If you use care products, they must not be massaged in during the first 48 hours.

Why can’t I take blood thinners?

Derma filler injections are a procedure that requires your body to react. The active ingredient goes into the skin through a fine syringe. Blood thinners increase the risk of swelling, increased bleeding or hematoma.

Why can’t I smoke immediately after application?

Smoking has a negative effect on wound healing and can increase the risk of causing swelling or even infection at the puncture site. Therefore, it is important to refrain from doing so for a few hours.