Dangerous breast surgery? How to find the right doctor!

Breast surgery has been the number one aesthetic plastic surgery in Germany for many years. Unfortunately, however, this operation is also the one that entails the most corrective interventions. What should one pay attention to in order to be on the safe side with a planned breast augmentation?

“Breast augmentation is much more than simply sliding an implant under the breast,” clarifies Prof. Dr. Dennis von Heimburg, president of the VDÄPC (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). “When choosing a surgeon, the patient should therefore take great care in advance and not let price alone be the deciding factor,” advises Prof. von Heimburg. But what should one look out for?

The VDÄPC gives some tips on what the patient should look for when consulting and choosing a doctor. Breast augmentation in Germany usually costs from 5,000 euros upwards. This includes the cost of implants, anesthesia, operating room and an overnight stay in the clinic for monitoring. A pair of quality implants alone costs 1,500 euros. In addition, there is the fee for the plastic surgeon and the surgical team.

Breast surgery at dumping prices

Some portals offer breast augmentations for fixed amounts such as 2,900 euros. If one knows about the high external costs for a breast enlargement, it becomes clear that little would be left for the surgeon and staff at this price. So savings have to be made in one place or another. Then it can happen that implants of inferior quality are used or the equipment of the operating room is not in accordance with the rules. And it also remains questionable what the experience of the surgeon and the team is like.

This is what you should look for when choosing a plastic surgeon

  • A detailed consultation on the part of the doctor is a prerequisite for an informed decision for or against the surgery, as well as for or against the surgeon.
  • Are complications also explained? Is family planning discussed?
  • Is the physician able to explain his surgical procedure and does he address any special features of the patient individually. For example: What do the nipples look like after surgery? How does the old underbust fold look after the operation? Especially the latter is an important aspect that is often not taken into account and can result in a very complex correction.
  • Is the possible surgical result simulated by means of trial implants or 3-D morphing?
  • Not every breast can be enlarged with any implant. The suitable implant must be chosen individually, here the actual volume does not play the most important role, the dimensions of the implant are important, i.e. the base of the implant must fit the patient’s chest and the existing breast.
  • Does the doctor show results from other patients who have a similar body or breast?
  • The VDÄPC advises patients to seek consultation with at least two different plastic surgeons.

Photo: Kpakook/Shutterstock.com