Cryolipolysis experience – we were there live!

A beautiful look does not stop below the chin. Just like for the face, today the Beauty Doc also offers minimally invasive treatments for the body. Is body shaping with cryolipolysis the new lifting? What is the cryolipolysis experience?

“In any case, treatments to optimize body contour are becoming increasingly popular. First and foremost, body sculpting with cryolipolysis,” explains Dr. Patricia Ogilvie. Together with her sister Dr. Alexandra Ogilvie – also a successful dermatologist – she has dedicated an entire floor to the topic of body shaping in Munich with the “skin concept body lounge”. Here we are allowed to be present live during a treatment.

Pretty she looks in her stylish outfit and at first glance you do not understand at all, what should still be optimized on this attractive person. “On the whole, I’m happy with myself and my body and don’t want to lose weight by dieting. The only thing that really bothers me is my belly, which I just can’t get rid of. I’ve really tried all kinds of things in the past few years, even targeted training hasn’t helped,” explains Karin Leiding when asked why she decided to undergo CoolSculpting treatment.

Many women feel the same way as the 52-year-old. Karin Leiding works in the beauty industry, pays a lot of attention to her body care and healthy diet. “But there are simply rebellious pads that stick to me like chewing gum. A surgical procedure is still out of the question for me.”

Non-invasive: body shaping with cryolipolysis

In fact, the secret of a beautiful body is not only a matter of good nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, this does not help in every case. Then innovative treatments for fat reduction can come on the scene. “Whereby even these clearly have their limits. Even the best beauty doc can’t make excess weight disappear,” emphasizes Dr. Ogilvie.

But especially for pads and dimples that withstand any diet and fitness training, the CoolSculpting method is ideally suited. These include not only the zones on the abdomen and legs, but also the unloved “love handles” (hip fat) or love handles around the bra. “Even slim women can be affected, because fat deposits on the upper body in particular are often hereditary and therefore particularly difficult to combat,” emphasizes Dr. Ogilvie.

When asked if she is afraid of pain, Karin Leiding replies with a smile, “I really feel in the best of hands here in Dr. Ogilvie’s practice and was very well prepared for the treatment during the consultation. I’m actually looking forward to it now.”

And here’s how fat reduction goes:

First, standardized photographs are taken for documentation and the area to be treated is precisely measured, templates are created and the perfectly suitable applicator is selected. A special cooling and protective gel pad is then placed on the body region before the device is used.

With the help of the applicator, the fat area to be treated is gently sucked in by vacuum with a slight negative pressure. In the next step, the zone to be treated with the underlying fat cells is controlled and selectively cooled down to 11 degrees Celsius to get to 4 degrees plus in the fat tissue.

Cryolipolysis experience: safety guaranteed

During treatment, the system’s patented “Freeze Detect Sensor” constantly monitors the patient’s body temperature. Thanks to permanent further development of innovative technology such as the so-called CoolAdvantage applicators, a treatment now only takes around 35 minutes instead of the previous 60 to 90 minutes!

So, did it hurt? “For the first five minutes, I clearly felt the cold, which was a little uncomfortable for a brief moment – but after that, the cold made my stomach feel numb and I had no pain at all.”

We say goodbye in high spirits and Karin Leiding promises to report on the final results in three months. “I took this afternoon off, but I feel so top fit that I could actually go back to my desk,” she says happily. Instead, she spontaneously meets a friend with whom she spoke on the phone during the treatment and who is now keen to find out more about the treatment.

And here are the results* three months after the treatment:

Cryolipolysis experience - we were there live! A patient before after

Lead photo: Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Photos: private and practice Dr. Ogilvie

*The illustrations show individual examples after a treatment with CoolSculpting. Individual results may vary.