Cryo Facial – ice cold anti-aging

Blurred contours, wrinkles, lines and less elasticity – all quite normal signs of the times, against which probably every woman would like to act. Some do it exclusively with targeted cosmetics, others turn to specialists. Those who shy away from major interventions prefer to rely on treatments at the beautician’s, such as the Cryo Facial.

Minus 110 degrees Celsius – and in a bikini? For a few minutes, that can be absolutely healing. Originally, cold therapy comes from medicine and is used, for example, for inflammatory joint diseases, chronic back pain or inflammation of the visual sheath. For the beautician, the Cryo Facial is mainly about the anti-aging effect. And this is how it works:

The start of the Cryo Facial: an extremely gentle stream of air touches my skin in such a pleasant way that I can hardly believe I’m feeling as low as minus 32 degrees here. Do you know the feeling of walking barefoot through freshly fallen, soft fresh snow? And the happiness that floods your whole body in the process? That’s exactly how it feels.

While she lets the soothing cold glide over my face with a specially developed massage technique, Katharina, the expert for the Cryo Facial at the Skin Biology Center Hamburg (SBC) , explains to me what is happening in the skin: The cold causes the vessels to contract, which increases blood flow, and the oxygen supply in the skin cells is increased. The skin’s own metabolic processes are activated, the detoxifying functions of the lymph are stimulated, and collagen synthesis in the skin is increased.

What happens during the Cryo Facial?

The cold also exerts its strengthening effect on the immune system when applied to the face, and also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect – the perfect support for the treatment of blemished skin, and a balancing and significantly soothing benefit for extremely sensitive complexions.

After the treatment, a refreshed and rosy complexion with refined pores and clearer contours beams at me in the mirror. Wow. There’s no way I want to cover up this sight with makeup.

What impresses me the most is that the puffiness around my eyes actually decreased visibly – and that this effect is still there the next day. From now on, the Cryo Facial will be the crowning glory of every facial treatment I treat myself to at the Skin Biology Center Hamburg.