Cosmetic surgery in old age

The subject “Cosmetic surgery” is generally not discussed as openly in German-speaking countries as it is in the USA, for example. They are among the interventions which are fundamentally not medically necessary are not medically necessary. And so the question arises not too seldom whether the risk of an operation exceeds the benefit – especially if the patient is already over 65 years old. In the following article, we will clarify whether cosmetic surgery makes sense in old age.

Risks of cosmetic surgery in old age

While the treatment of drooping eyelids is a minor uncomplicated procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia, liposuction is no surgical trifle. General anesthesia always carries the risk of compromising the patient’s circulation to the point of consequently causing health problems. Similarly, operations involving larger wound areas may result in Wound healing disorders and other complications such as infections.

However, all these risks have little to do with age. It depends on the general state of health in which the patient is before the operation. Thus, a fifty-year-old smoker and diabetic can have far higher risks with cosmetic surgery than a fit and active senior at 85. Nevertheless, specialists should always weigh the ratio of benefit and risk together with the patient before an unnecessary aesthetic intervention.

The more complex and elaborate a surgical procedure is, the greater the risk of subsequent damage of the health. There are also often more minimally invasive techniques or even the possibility of doing without surgery altogether (for example, with hyaluronic acid or Botox).

Cosmetic surgery for seniors – what for?

Aesthetic operations are performed in Germany by specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Martha Bernard also operates on patients of all ages in Munich. She knows that for older ladies and gentlemen it is less about looking 30 again. Much more, today’s seniors want to look relaxed, fresh, vital and refreshed. Their appearance should express how old they feel on the inside. And often, for this feeling, there are simply a few too many deep wrinkles on the face, or the no longer so elastic skin flutters too much on the stomach or upper arms.

Everyone feels better when they look good – no matter how old they are. It gives you self-confidence and makes you happier overall – and of course the older generation is entitled to that. Older ladies in Germany go under the aesthetic knife far more often than men. Among the cosmetic surgery top favorites here are the neck-forehead facelift, eyelid lift and breast surgery. When senior women think of a more beautiful bust size, they are less likely to think of augmentation with implants and more likely to think of a reduction in sagging, heavy breasts.

This gives them lightheartedness and the self-confidence to still be seen in swimwear. Because the woman of today is not yet “old” and inactive at 65 – rather the opposite is the case. Among men, eyelid and abdominoplasty are the most popular reasons for going to the plastic surgeon.

Beautiful in old age – enjoyment of life

Even though true beauty still comes from within, sprightly seniors like to take advantage of technological advances and medical services to look as young as they feel. As they enter retirement, many begin to really enjoy their lives. Feeling fit and healthy is an important part of that. To become as old as possible and to be able to enjoy many more years requires an active lifestyle, because “he who rests, rusts”.. Since the body is nevertheless getting on in years, it shows “signs of wear and tear”.

Wounds heal more slowly, the skin loses elasticity and cannot retain moisture as well. Hair becomes thinner and muscle mass diminishes. Modern plastic and cosmetic surgery offers a remedy to this, and procedures for patients over 65 have increased in recent years. So what “active aging” with moderate sports, a healthy diet and cognitive training can do for the inside of the body, cosmetic surgery can add to feeling good about one’s appearance in old age. After all, anyone who enjoys socializing and being active wants to be able to show off their beauty.