Cosmetic surgery for men becomes more and more popular

A correction here – a correction there! For many women today cosmetic surgery is nothing unusual more. However, the situation is still somewhat different for men in Germany, so that significantly more female patients lie down on the operating table than men do.

However, the number of men who undergo cosmetic surgery has also increased significantly in recent years. This is due, among other things, to the realization by many men that a well-groomed, young and fresh appearance has a positive influence on self-perception and can be decisive for well-being. Plastic aesthetic surgeons are therefore increasingly including operations that are specifically suitable for men in their repertoire. And why should the desire for an aesthetic, beautiful appearance be reserved exclusively for women?

Which procedures are performed most often?

Compared to earlier times, men increasingly prefer beauty treatments, which are minimally invasive and not clearly visible at first sight. While breast augmentation, eyelid lift and liposuction are among the most common cosmetic surgeries for women, the most popular procedures for men are eyelid lift, liposuction and neck-forehead lift. This was the result of a survey conducted by the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC) in 2015. Overall, the focus for men is primarily on the face.

In the , which accounted for one-fifth of the treatments performed in 2015, the aim is usually to achieve a younger and more vital appearance. Especially the eye area plays an enormously important role. Patients who have often had to hear that they look tired can have their self-confidence eroded over time. However, a severely drooping eyelid can also restrict the field of vision to such an extent that an intervention is necessary and advisable. Treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and usually leads to a significant improvement in appearance after just a few days – without leaving any visible scars.

In the practice of Dr. Martha Bernard, eyelid lift is a regularly performed procedure, with which the specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery has a lot of experience. The treatment includes a detailed consultation as well as a comprehensive aftercare.

Next to the Neck-Front Facelift, ear correction and nose correction were performed on the respondents. But not only the face is now worth a look more for many men.

Why do men get wrinkles later than women?

Although in men the Treatments on the face are particularly in demand, there is generally a need to treat wrinkles later in your case than in women’s. This is because, on the one hand, men have thicker skin which produces more sebum so that the skin appears firmer. This is because, on the one hand, men have thicker skin, which produces more sebum, so that the skin appears firmer. On the other hand, the thicker skin the ability to bind water better, which means that the degradation processes that cause the skin to age occur much more slowly. Due to the thicker skin, however, wrinkles that develop are also particularly deep.

In conjunction with the strong skin muscles in the forehead area, the frown line therefore usually develops sooner in men than in women.

Despite the undeniable advantage of slower aging skin, wrinkles also begin to form more frequently in men after the age of 30. The earlier the wrinkles are treated, the easier and with less effort treatment can be performed.

When the male breast becomes the main issue

Many men want to impress with a strong, athletic and defined body. If one of these points falls out of line, the ideal image for many men is wavering. This is also the case with gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is, in other words, a growth of the mammary gland, which, among other things, is due to a Hormone Disorder or a strong change of weight can be traced back. Thanks to today’s medicine, the excess breast tissue can be removed and thus provide more self-confidence. Since certain medications or diseases can also be the cause of gynecomastia, a comprehensive examination by the general practitioner is required before any treatment.

As an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Martha Bernard therefore first explains to her patients the necessary preliminary examinations in a consultative discussion. If a pathological change in the breast can be ruled out, a surgical procedure can be performed. In most cases, targeted liposuction of the fatty tissue is sufficient to create a beautiful and masculine breast.

New trends and youthful appearance

In addition to timeless and perpetually in demand cosmetic surgery for men, there are also always new trends. Currently, the 3-day beard is very popular. However, since not every man has a dense beard growth, the number of Hair transplants strongly increasing.

Also the permanent hair removal on the chest or back is becoming increasingly popular in cases of severe hair growth. With all procedures, a detailed consultation is useful so that one does not regret the treatment afterwards. Such an intensive consultation is of enormous importance to Dr. Martha Bernard in order to discuss the patient’s wishes and ideas in detail and to clarify questions about the procedure, possible risks and aftercare in advance.