Cosmetic surgery becomes more and more popular

The most popular cosmetic surgery? – As a rule, the guess is breast augmentation. This was true until 2015. In 2016, more women opted for a Liposuction. – The Breast augmentation landed in second place. But it is not only women who opt for cosmetic surgery.

Men are also increasingly contacting aesthetic and plastic surgeons and having corrective procedures performed. The most popular procedure among them in 2016 was the .

The gentle cosmetic surgery

In recent years, a new trend could be observed. More and more people want a gentle cosmetic surgery and decide for a non-invasive Intervention. 40 percent of all surgeries performed in 2016 were non-invasive.

Two years ago, just 25 percent opted for noninvasive procedures. The most popular treatment was the Wrinkle injection with Hyaluron. In second place comes the Treatment with Botulinum toxin – short: Botox.

Such interventions do not cause pain. They work extremely quickly and are also inexpensive. Botox treatments are already part of daily business. – Also for Martha Bernard, MD. She knows that Botox treatments are often referred to as Lunch break treatments are called. Such procedures do not take long. The patients are immediately socially acceptable again afterwards.

87 percent of all patients are women

Predominantly cosmetic surgery is performed by Women utilized. Eighty-seven percent of patients in 2016 were female. The average female patient is 41 years old. She lives in a committed relationship or is married. As a rule, female patients opt for liposuction, breast augmentation using implants or eyelid correction.

In the Men the matter looks different. – They mainly opt for eyelid correction, male breast augmentation and intimate corrections. Chin corrections, which were popular years ago, are hardly in demand nowadays.

Liposuction vs. breast augmentation

Until 2016, breast augmentation was the most popular surgery. – But now there is a new favorite. In 2016, for the first time, more women opted for liposuction. This knocked the popular breast augmentation off its throne. 5,847 liposuctions and 5,411 breast augmentations were performed in Germany in 2016 alone. In third place was the upper eyelid lift. Intimate correction also landed in the top 5.

Martha Bernard, MD, a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, is the first point of contact for many female patients. Dr. Bernard performs regularly performs surgical procedures such as breast augmentation and eyelid lifts. She has many years of experience in both consulting and treating patients. She also offers non-invasive treatments such as wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid.