Cosmetic surgery abroad – does it make sense?

Again and again, cosmetic surgery abroad, such as in the Czech Republic or Poland, is advertised on the Internet. The offers often promise up to 60% cheaper breast augmentation or nose correction and often advertise with a vacation and cosmetic surgery at the same time, virtually as a All-round carefree package. To go on vacation and at the same time to get rid of the unsightly fat pads or to get a narrower nose sounds tempting, right? All this, moreover, for a real bargain price! But it is better to look twice when it comes to plastic surgery abroad, in order to avoid negative surprises and to exclude double costs due to a wrong intervention..

But what should you pay special attention to if you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery abroad?

Plastic surgeon does not automatically mean specialist

Just as in Germany, any doctor abroad can give himself the title of “cosmetic surgeon” without further ado, since it is not an protected term is concerned. This does not require any specific Residency.

In contrast, the title “Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery” is protected and requires official continuing education. The further training after the study of human medicine includes a usually 6-year employment in practices, University or college hospitals, including at least 600 operations performed independently.

The medical specialists are organized in the “German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC)”. On their website on the Internet you will find the possibility to search for licensed doctors in different states and thus to make sure in advance. On the website of the “International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)” you can even search for accredited specialists worldwide.

Personal conversation instead of questionnaire analysis

Often, one comes across questionnaires to be filled out online by dubious surgeons abroad. A few important information, as well as personal data are allegedly sufficient for the doctor to initiate the operation. However, exactly this procedure is strongly discouraged. A personal conversation is absolutely necessary in order to find out the individual characteristics of the person and to be able to respond to them in the best possible way. Only in a personal conversation can an exchange take place and in familiar surroundings, all open questions on the patient side be answered.

In addition, when choosing a doctor, make sure that he or she speaks a language in which you can communicate well and extensively. Only then can mistakes or misunderstandings be circumvented and a good result guaranteed.

No German law on foreign soil

With Complications or necessary subsequent corrections must generally be expected with cosmetic surgery. Traveling back and forth necessary for this can be expensive. Should a case of damage occur, the place of jurisdiction is where the damage occurred and the operation took place. This can potentially make it more difficult to get compensation and communication suffers greatly due to the distance.

If you have problems within the EU, the independent and free consumer advice service “Euro-Info-Verbraucher e.V.” can help.

A tip on the side: If a foreign clinic advertises in Germany, it is easier to take action against it under German law in the event of damage. In addition, you can always be on the safe side if you have a copy of all the contracts you sign.

Attentiveness pays off

In addition to the information and tips already mentioned, there are still some details you should pay attention to when considering surgery abroad:

  • In any case, keep in mind that between a consultation and the actual surgery. at least two weeks to think about it should lie. This becomes problematic if a long journey is necessary. Nevertheless, do not let yourself be pressured into an operation if you have an uneasy feeling; sleeping a few nights about it cannot hurt in any case and should not be a problem for the attending physician.
  • Likewise, you should make sure that a free aftercare is carried out. It is not uncommon for corrections to have to be made.
  • Do not be deceived by before/after pictures on the Internet, with which people like to advertise. Such pictures are often edited and therefore also prohibited in Germany. In addition, they can not say anything about how the result will look like in the end with you. Every person is individual and skin structure and texture must be examined in a prior consultation.
  • Last but not least, it is important to pay attention to the Hygiene in the clinic to pay attention to. It is not uncommon for complications, such as infections or inflammations, to occur as a result of unclean working practices.

Health has its price

In all cases, the following applies: Your health should be in the foreground! It is better to spend more money on a high-quality operation in Germany if you cannot find a suitable specialist abroad. Because in the end the costs, which arise from a faulty operation, are higher than a professionally performed treatment from the beginning.