Correct receding chin with hyaluronic acid

Chin correction in Munich – Dr. med. Eva Maria Strobl

Flying chin and aging

A receding chin is often considered disturbing by those affected. This is because the chin is an important factor in the expression of the face. Even if one is not always aware of it: a well-shaped chin contributes significantly to a harmonious-looking face. Viewed from the front, the chin should form the visual end of a “V” shape. This is typical of a dynamic-looking face. In profile, the perfect chin is in line with the lips and forehead.

Chin correction without surgery

However, genetic reasons as well as the aging process often stand in the way of the optimal shape of the chin. In the past, only surgical intervention helped against this. Today, chin correction is also possible with hyaluron. Without surgery. The chin augmentation with hyaluron looks absolutely lifelike. It also does not cause any feeling of a “foreign body” under the skin. The effect lasts on average between 9 and 12 months.

Injecting a receding chin with hyaluronic acid

A well-known malposition that is visually detrimental is a “receding chin”. A receding chin is when, in profile, the chin lies on a vertical line clearly behind the forehead and lips. Visually, this gives the impression that the face is slipping backwards. Viewed from the front, a receding chin robs the face of much of its youthful dynamism. It is missing as the lower tip of the “V” shape. A receding chin therefore automatically makes you look older. The face resembles an “O”, which is typical for old age. The vernacular speaks, unflatteringly, of a “bird face”.

receding chin usually congenital

A receding chin is usually congenital. In addition, it occurs as a result of injury. Some rare hereditary diseases also include a receding chin among their symptoms. However, a receding chin often develops in the course of the aging process. The degradation of the bones and the reduction of their density cause the shortening of the chin. Visually then gradually visible as a receding chin.

Age-related chin correction

With increasing age, there is a reduction in bone mass. In addition, the soft tissue mantle also shrinks. In the area of the chin, these depressions become visible due to muscular pull on the skin. Mostly as dents along the jaw-chin line (“Jawline“). Moreover, by the impression of “drooping”. Both not very flattering.

Chin correction with hyaluron

Injection of hyaluron into the chin is considered the treatment of choice today. The hyaluron fills sunken areas and thus smoothes dents. This significantly reduces the sagging impression. A receding chin can even be completely remodeled with hyaluron. Special hyaluron, which is particularly stable, is injected directly onto the bone. The tissue is thus lifted and the chin “grows” forward. The chin augmentation with hyaluron looks absolutely natural. In addition, age-typical marionette wrinkles can be smoothed out. This further enhances the impression of a rejuvenated face.

Injecting a receding chin with hyaluron – procedure

The treatment begins with cleaning and disinfection of the chin. This is followed by local anesthesia at the intended injection sites of the hyaluron injections. After a short exposure time, the injection of hyaluron begins immediately. There are now special fillers for the chin area, with which even large amounts of hyaluron can be modeled well. I usually use the preparation “Juvederm Volux“. In my experience, it is particularly dimensionally stable and achieves a long-lasting effect. However, its price is also significantly higher than other products.

The treatment, including the consultation, takes about an hour. The pure injection with hyaluron takes about 20 minutes. If desired, a “paving stone chin” can be injected with Botox in the same session. In many cases, however, this is no longer necessary after filling the volume with hyaluron.

Possible complications

After the anesthetic wears off, the chin may be significantly more pain-sensitive than normal for 1-2 days. As with any hyaluronic injection, palpable nodules may form. They can usually be massaged away.

Likewise, it is unfortunately always possible for allergic reactions to follow treatment with hyaluron. And this often only after several months. As a first measure, it is then recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. ibuprofen). If this does not bring about any improvement, then the injected hyaluron should be dissolved with Hylase. The complaints then usually disappear within a few days.

What is the cost of injecting a receding chin?

A receding chin usually requires between 3 and 4 ml of hyaluron. In my practice in Munich, the costs of such an injectable thus amount to 1000-1500 Euros (guideline). The costs of an individual treatment are calculated according to the rules of the Gebührenordnung der Ärzte (GOÄ). Please assume that health insurance companies and PKV will not reimburse you for the cost of treatment.

How long does the effect last?

With last generation fillers designed for chin sculpting, the effect lasts an average of 9-12 months. After that, the treatment has to be re-injected. This does not necessarily mean that the treatment is repeated from scratch. It is also possible that hyaluron degraded by the body must be replaced only selectively. How quickly the body breaks down the injected hyaluron varies from person to person. Therefore, it cannot be predicted exactly. In many people, the effect lasts a full 18 months. In studies on the VOLUX preparation that I use, 62% of patients rated the result as positive even after 18 months.