Confidential dermatologist in Zurich will be happy to advise you on natural methods

Your dermatologist in Zurich treats you with gentle and effective methods

The bikini figure on the beach, the adorable dress that is clearly too tight, the stylish jeans from last year whose zipper no longer closes – there are many reasons why we want to get rid of a few pounds or even more. But as the saying goes. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Those who want to seek medical advice on this problem do not first think of a Dermatologist.

However, many of the patients of the skin doctor in Zurich have already benefited from his natural procedure for effective weight loss. Because the trusted dermatologist has an extremely effective method with which those seeking advice can lose excess kilos. Patients who use this fascinating option can lose weight permanently without fear of the infamous yo-yo effect. Of course, the dermatologist uses here a tested and repeatedly proven application that meets the most modern requirements.

Even people who want to lose more than just a few pounds, but may be suffering from a more massive weight problem, can achieve excellent results with BodyCode, the innovative weight loss method. The trusted dermatologist in Zurich advises his patients individually and tailored to their specific situation. The trained practice team has already been able to gain a lot of experience with the most diverse wishes for reducing body weight – be it a few excess pounds or tens of kilograms. Your dermatologist recommends the procedure for most people who are struggling with their weight.

BodyCode – Start the day with a natural and modern diet strategy.

Your confidential dermatologist in Zurich is always happy to advise you with the latest and most natural methods that you can use in everyday life without any problems. So we have also developed a new diet strategy, where you will definitely see the difference after a short time. BodyCode is a new diet program for achieving your desired dream figure. Whether overweight and/or aesthetic problem zones, this successful diet method leads to the best result.

The following problem areas will say goodbye to stubborn fat:

  • Upper arms
  • Belly
  • Hip/Po
  • Thigh

These are the typical areas of the female body where unwanted fat deposits accumulate. While the round, rather plump body shape was considered beautiful in some eras and still stands for fertility today, the modern woman of our time often no longer wants to fulfill this ideal. In addition to a beautiful d̩collet̩, firm, slender upper arms and a flat, shapely stomach are the eye-catchers on the upper body. A hip without lush pads, a crisp, round Рbut not oversized Рbutt and slim, beautiful thighs complete the attractive look of the female body. You can achieve this goal at your dermatologist in Zurich with BodyCode

This new and natural strategy helps you to achieve sustainable weight loss and at the same time to live a completely healthy and vital life.

These benefits will give you motivation to start the diet

  • 8-12% loss of your weight already in the first 27 days
  • Targeted reduction of fat in the problem areas
  • The muscle mass is preserved, no yoyo effect
  • You do not have to starve like other excessive diets
  • No boring monotonous meals, but varied and freshly prepared food
  • The application remains fast and simple and is therefore well integrated into professional life
  • Sustainable success, no recidivism
  • Well-being improves greatly and performance increases

With a starting weight of, for example, 80 kilograms, you can thus already lose 6.4 to 9.6 kilograms in less than a month. Depending on your height and the body mass index (BMI) achieved, this could already result in a shapely bikini figure. And because this diet strategy targets the problem areas, it also helps you shape your body perfectly. Because unlike many other methods, it does not reduce muscle mass, but attacks fat deposits – exactly where they bother.

For working people in particular, it is important in targeted weight reduction that such a strategy can also be integrated into their working lives. Those who have to prepare their meals in a laborious and time-consuming way quickly reach their limits in the sometimes hectic daily work routine. BodyCode impresses with the simple and quick preparation of meals, which are tasty and very varied. Your dermatologist in Zurich will be happy to show you how this innovative diet can help you get through the day without feeling hungry and with an increased sense of well-being.

Whether it is the utilization of carbohydrates, better satiety (less hunger pangs) or simply regaining hormonal and cellular balance. Our strategy is so well known because it works. The BodyCode diet strategy is based on orthodox and complementary medical experience.

The 3 Phase Plan

This natural diet strategy is based on 3 phases that will lead you to fast, efficient and sustainable weight loss.

Confidential dermatologist in Zurich will be happy to advise you on natural methods

Phase 1 – The diet phase

The so-called start phase

Duration: 27 days

Food supplementation

Reduction of the feeling of hunger

Variety of the menu

8-12% loss of body weight

Optimization of the body silhouette

Right during the first phase, which lasts just under four weeks, you will lose an impressive amount of excess pounds. There can hardly be a better motivational boost. The success will spur you on to stick with it and to adhere to the guidelines that the dermatologist in Zurich has given you. Look forward to the sight of you in the mirror, which will show more and more of the desired body shaping.

Phase 2 – The stabilization phase

The so-called guarantee phase for long-term success

Duration: 21 days

Menus now include more protein and carbohydrates

further optimization of the body silhouette

This second phase runs for a period of three weeks. Your initial eating plan now changes, but is still varied and healthy. Now you create the conditions for lasting success without the yo-yo effect. Your body continues to shape itself – towards the attractive appearance you wanted from the start. Your competent dermatologist will help you with his knowledge and his great experience.

Phase 3 – The behavioral phase

Healthy lifestyle and right balance

The menu becomes even more balanced and varied

More tips and tricks for new recipes at

Finally, in the third phase, you get used to your new eating habits permanently. Thus, thanks to your dermatologist in Zurich, you can enter a slim, attractive phase of life. You are self-confident and balanced and are happy about your new body image.

How it works

While dieting, you naturally burn calories, which means that a so-called calorie reduction takes place. With a constant energy consumption, your body switches from a carbohydrate-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism. In this process, the body takes its energy from burning the fat reserves. The diet program consists of 24 bio-energetic drinking ampoules with L-carnitine and zinc as well as Vita capsules with vitamins and natural minerals.

The great and successful advantage in this diet is a long-term reduction of the feeling of hunger while maintaining muscle mass. Do you want to achieve your dream figure in a healthy and natural way and without the slightest chance of relapse? Then visit your best dermatologist in Zurich now and let yourself be fascinated by the modern diet program.

However, the significant weight reduction can also lead to excess skin. The dermatologist in Zurich knows that in some patients, the skin does not retract to the same extent as the fat deposits. In this case, your dermatologist recommends a Skin tightening by the experienced team of the practice.

Skin tightening – Completely natural at your confidential dermatologist in Zurich.

Time flies very quickly and it is already slowly the first Wrinkles to see. Our skin doctor in Zurich will help you to tighten the skin in a natural way. We replace an upcoming surgery with the latest procedures in laser technology.

In our skin and laser center in Zurich, we invest a lot of time in a treatment of our clients to achieve the best possible result. A successful and satisfactory skin tightening procedure requires on average four to six sessions with a one month break. Thanks to the gentle procedures we use, unlike other therapies, you can return to enjoying your daily life without any restrictions immediately after the treatment. Even after the second painless treatment, we guarantee a visible improvement in the elasticity and texture of your skin.

This is what the treatment looks like

The treatment uses multiple sources of energy to heat the collagen, which is the structural protein of the building tissue, of the dermis while keeping the superficial epidermis cold with good cooling. The heat gained causes the collagen to contract and your skin to become taut. In addition, new collagen is also formed. The result, of course, corresponds to your desire of a beautiful, firmer and tighter skin. Depending on your skin type, the treatment lasts between thirty and sixty minutes.

Unlike surgery, you do not have to be afraid of painful moments, because our treatment is completely painless and you feel a slight tingling sensation with only a slight feeling of heat on your epidermis. After the successful treatment you will leave our skin center looking good and you will be able to enjoy everyday life just as you did before visiting us. After the therapy you do not have to give up any activities, except for sunbathing and solarium visits.

The Skin Center in Zurich will be happy to advise you on natural and fast methods. Do not miss a visit with us. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.