Complexion Booster: Peeling

Spring is coming! And thus high time to free the complexion from the gray veil of winter. How do you do that? The best way is with a peeling. Because today they are gentle and effective at the same time.

Make new! Peelings are multi-talented when it comes to skin renewal. They loosen dead skin cells from the top layer of skin and promote circulation. New and innovative peelings are also so gentle that they can even be used every day.

One example is the beta-hydroxy peeling from the company Age Attraction. Alexandra Kopold-Schütz, owner of the Munich-based cosmetics company, explains that old-fashioned peelings with abrasive particles have long been outdated. The peeling she developed is a light, mild sugar-based peeling – and differs from classic fruit acid peelings in that it is much gentler, but still effective. “After normal acid peels, you definitely need a very high SPF, because the skin can be severely damaged,” Kopold-Schütz says. She has seen a lot of acid damage herself. “At some point, it just becomes too much for the skin,” she explains.

Exfoliation is gentle renewal

This is different with the beta-hydroxy peeling, as it has a gentler effect and even has skin-repairing properties. The promise of the product: extensive cleansing, pore refinement, removal of impurities, a clearer complexion and reduction of pigmentation spots. The peel’s main active ingredients are skin-protecting gluconolactones, healing-promoting panthenol, stabilizing arginine, and moisturizing saccharide isomerate. BHA acid also has a “huge anti-aging potential,” says Kopold-Schütz. And: It is free of side effects that can occur with fruit acid-based peelings.

The peel is a transparent, slightly sticky, fragrance-free gel and can be used in two ways: Either two to three times a week for ten to twenty minutes, or even daily in the evening after cleansing and under night care. “The skin calms down overnight as a result of the peeling,” explains Kopold-Schütz. Even application over a long period of time is not a problem, he adds: “Peeling is risk-free, the skin renewal process proceeds slowly.” It is also possible to dispense with a sun protection factor afterwards.

Price for 50 ml peeling is about 59 euros.

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto