Collagen care with system

Sometimes wishes come true immediately. Like that day two weeks ago when I was sitting at home corona-depressed and lockdown-annoyed and thought: A kingdom for a distraction! The surprise: I was invited to a product test. Collagen care in a pack of three. Sounds already interesting.

Test a collagen product set? Preferably starting tomorrow? I would love to, because I love product tests. I will then become a pore detective, a complexion observer and above all a little girl – because testing is just fun and I’m excited about the collagen care…

And that’s what it’s all about: The Collagen System from QMS Medicosmetics. I’ve heard about it several times and especially only good things. QMS is a German Doctor Brand, developed 30 years ago by Dr. Erich Schulte, with lots of scientific expertise. But do the three exclusive dispensers deliver what they promise?

In any case, they immediately pass the optics check. Two blue dispensers and one white form a pretty trio, which immediately get into my bathroom and there clearly serve to aestheticize.

Collagen renews the skin

The goal and purpose of the 3-Step Collagen Routine Set is to promote the skin’s renewal process, giving it a youthful healthy appearance while strengthening the skin’s protective mantle. Dryness is said to fade away, just as fine lines and wrinkles are said to disappear. The two serums – one for day and one for night – as well as a gentle fruit acid peeling are said to work together to vitalize skin cells and provide extreme moisture.

Sounds great, but how exactly does it work? I read the package insert: It talks about the “most modern Neotec A15®”, which is supposed to plump up the skin. How does it work? Neotec A15® technology contains short-chain collagens and hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and sizes, which is why the hyaluronic acid can penetrate particularly well and also moisturizes the skin in depth.

Tested in studies

Matrixyl 3000®” also occurs. Behind this are special peptides that reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The products were tested in independent studies. Result: 264 percent more moisture in the skin and 42 percent fewer lines and wrinkles after just 12 weeks. Ready to go.

It’s super easy to use: cleanse face, apply fruit acid, then tone with Day Serum in the morning and Night Serum in the evening.

Collagen Care Step by Step

The application of the peeling should be increased: If you use it three times in the first week, it is five applications in the second week, from the third week, when the skin is used to it, you can use it three times a week to daily, quite uncomplicated as it fits into your personal care routine. I start testing in the evening. The cool serum, which can be applied like a gel, feels refreshing and pleasant. Above all: it absorbs immediately. My skin, it seems to me, finds Neotec and Matrixyl pretty good.

The next morning, I look anxiously in the mirror. Can I see anything yet? Even if I know that the effect can be determined only after a few weeks optimally, I am impatient (and what is already knowledge against wishes?). I haven’t stood so close to the mirror with my face in a long time (luckily it’s almost summer and it doesn’t fog up).

The result makes me shine

And indeed, there it is: a delicate shimmer, a soft glow. Overnight, it seems to me, a good beauty fairy has sprinkled pearly luster over me. I am thrilled even after the first time exfoliating: My skin is used to fruit acid peels and tolerates this one with 11% flawlessly. The minimal tingling is familiar to me and I know, special enzymes dissolve dead skin cells. The day or night serum, you can use the peeling in the morning or evening – however, I use it only in the evening – is used afterwards and is, as always, perfectly absorbed by the skin. I use it in the evening, so I have the feeling my skin is particularly clean and the collagen for the night penetrates even deeper.

After the initial wow effect comes a lasting conviction. My skin looks fresh and plump after prolonged use. Especially now that it’s been weeks since my last cosmetic visit, I’m glad for this easy-to-use but highly effective active ingredient skincare. A few more weeks of social distancing? No problem for me. Because I know, after that my skin will be more radiant than ever.

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto Photos: I-Stock, QMS, Dr. Daniela Otto