Closing a gap between teeth or daring to leave a gap?

Courage to close the gap? Model Slick Woods, Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger and Jessica Hart have it. Icon Madonna and Vanessa Paradis anyway. And then there’s Prince Harry and Jürgen Vogel. It’s all about the gap between the teeth, called a diastema by dentists.

What is actually considered a flaw has helped many celebrities in their careers. When it comes to just not being mainstream and standing out from the crowd, the supposedly unattractive suddenly makes you beautiful. A boring face becomes an interesting face. The question remains whether this trend only applies to models and what the situation is like in German dental practices.

Dr. Jan Hajtó provides expert advice on this subject in his Munich practice. The dentist is also the author of the book “Anteriores – Natural Beautiful Anterior Teeth”. Many of his patients are insecure about the gap between their teeth. They are often asked about it by acquaintances. Thereby there are great differences between women and men. In women, the gap between the teeth has a different effect: because of the Child scheme (childlike proportions such as large eyes act as key stimuli), this provides them with a youthful, cute appearance. This is because children in particular have the well-known gaps between their teeth during the development phase. What makes women attractive acts but often looks unattractive on men.

When does a tooth gap need to be closed?

The gap between the upper central incisors often develops in childhood and then closes automatically at some point. However, if it is a “true diastema”This is hereditary and does not regress. The cause is a frenulum that is too deep on the inside of the lip. Cutting and relocating the frenulum is then a possible treatment method. Another reason for an anterior gap can be a Disproportion of jaw size to tooth sizes may be. The excess space results in gaps. If the chewing function is not impaired, the teeth can be cleaned easily and are healthy, then from a dental point of view no treatment is necessary. Most patients have their tooth gap filled from purely aesthetic reasons correct. What many people do not know: for this aesthetic correction alone there are several treatment methods to choose from. They differ in effort, material, time, cost and durability.

Three ways to close a gap between teeth

Fast and cheap

The easiest method to close a gap between teeth is the Composite restoration. Dr. Hajtó uses a special resin to remodel the teeth, individually tailored to the respective needs. For this purpose, the lateral surfaces of the two upper incisors are filled with the material. Teeth must be not ground be, the plastic holds via a very specific acid etching technique. The color selection is largeso that in each case the individual tooth color can be met and the Result looks natural. The advantage: If you still want your tooth gap again, the acrylic can be easily removed. COST: The treatment costs from 100 euros depending on the effort and lasts about ten years.

Particularly durable

Dr. Hajtó prefers approximal Ceramic veneers, wafer-thin discs that are bonded to the sides of the teeth to close the gap. The material is particularly high quality, delicate and suitable for aesthetic corrections, the color selection and color stability even greater. The parts are made by a dental technician, at least two sessions are necessary for this. A Grinding of the teeth is also not necessary here. The restoration can theoretically be last a lifetime. The COSTS start at 1000 euros, depending on the effort.

The luxury variant

Here also come Ceramic veneers are used, but their design is even more complex. They are not only attached laterally, but also cover the front side of the teeth (labial). In this case, the teeth may have to be trimmed, but the modification is more difficult. still larger and color and shape differences can be additionally corrected. On a so-called Wax-up model the whole thing is prefabricated so that the patient can look at it together with the dentist and consult what the result will look like. COST: The treatment costs several thousand euros.

Costs and treatment methods

The best individual method is selected under the aspects of durability, costs, aesthetics and substance preservation. To get an impression of this, what your own face looks like without a gap between your teethDuring the consultation, a direct mock-up is created: a temporary model with a resin that can be easily removed. Because what many do not expect: The overall effect changes a lot; the ratio of tooth width to tooth length must be taken into account. Often, it is enough just to visually reduce the gap so that the patient feels comfortable again. Or you just have Courage to fill the gap – not only on large advertising posters, but also in everyday life.

What dentists don’t recommend, by the way, is having an artificial gap ground between your teeth to look like the celebrity role model. Yes, there are such requests, too. Healthy tooth substance is very valuable and should be protected as much as possible during any treatment.