Cleaning the face – but the right way! A field report

I admit it: In the evening after a long day I would like to just fall into bed without investing much time in the subject of face cleansing. Then again, there are phases in which I might even overdo it with the cleaning. What is there to consider when it comes to facial cleansing? Are there any exciting product news?

Knowing your way through the jungle of products that you can use to cleanse your face is not that easy. I am specifically looking for a product that also works against skin impurities and research…

While researching the topic of face cleansing, a culinary comparison comes to mind: Imagine you go to a chic restaurant, order expensive food – but the table on which it is served is dirty.

Does the dinner still taste good to you then? Exactly. And if I ask you now what you would spend more money on – a cream or a wash gel – you would probably say the cream, wouldn’t you? But the cream relates to the wash gel in much the same way that food relates to the table. Only when the table is clean can we enjoy the menu. “A cream can only do its job if the skin is perfectly cleansed,” emphasizes dermatologist Dr. Elisabeth Schumachers. “Cleansing the face is the be-all and end-all of the skin care routine. Without optimal cleansing, a perfect skin appearance is impossible.” My new resolution: from now on, I will pay much more attention to the topic of face cleansing, because it deserves it.

Face cleansing as a pure pleasure

When choosing a product, I opt for the “Silky Purifying Clear Wash Gel” (145 ml, approx. 56 euros) from the Japanese beauty company Sensai, because Asian women traditionally have the edge when it comes to cleansing. What immediately stands out is that, unlike conventional products, this new deep cleanser from Sensai hardly foams at all. Rather, it is a viscous gel.

Once again, a food comparison comes to mind: While common washing gels feel rather as liquid as a yogurt with 1.5% fat content, here we are at the 3.5% (and you know which one tastes better).

The high quality of the gel is immediately noticeable. Per pump shot, you get the optimal amount to cleanse your face. The “Silky Purifying Clear Wash Gel” smells subtly of coriander, chamomile and lavender and can be pleasantly distributed on the face. After washing off, the skin feels absolutely clean, without tingling (like when the hair squeaks after washing out the shampoo) – and that’s no wonder, because the new active ingredient mechanism has it all.

A brilliant technology

Sensai Silky Purifying Clear Gel WashThe wash gel regenerates the skin and unclogs the pores just like a visit to the beautician. How is this possible? Our facial skin is covered with fine hairs. Each hair follicle has a sebaceous gland, which produces so-called sebum. The skin needs a certain amount of sebum for the skin’s own moisture supply to stay healthy.

However, overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous gland can lead to the formation of keratin plugs (a combination of keratin and sebum. And yes, there are more appetizing words). This is where the innovative Skin Brillance Technology comes in: the novel process, while cleansing the face, dissolves the keratin plugs directly in the pore and removes them without drying out the skin.

A visible result

The results are impressive: after just one day, my skin looks much more radiant. After a week of use, the complexion is visibly even and free of impurities. Special antioxidant, skin-soothing ingredients like Asian basil or licorice root provide additional moisture. And then there’s the magic ingredient: koishimaru silk. And indeed, the skin literally feels “silky,” as the skincare line is called: silky soft.

Lead photo: IStock, Photos: Shutterstock, PR