Circles under the eyes – causes and treatment

There is probably no more significant region of the face than the Eye area – after all, eye contact is central to our communication. Unfortunately, however, signs of aging can also be seen here at an early stage. And: 80 percent of all people over 30 have dark circles under their eyes. What to do?

Are you also affected? There is a lot of confusion and misinformation circulating regarding dark shadows. You can breathe a sigh of relief: it is not necessarily the lifestyle which is to blame for the dark discolorations. Circles under the eyes are not just a lifestyle problemeven if it is often described that way.

Just because you suffer from dark circles does not mean that you pull all-nighters, drink a lot of alcohol and have questionable eating habits. Very often the discolorations around the eyes are congenital. They can exist since childhood or appear in the course of age due to genetic predisposition. If this is the case, even the classic lifestyle tricks logically do not help.

Circles under the eyes are not all the same

Have eye circles different causes. For it is necessary to distinguish two forms -. blue and brown circles under the eyes. Different causes underlie both forms. Blue discoloration is the more common form. They are recognizable by the typical bluish-lilac, sometimes reddish, discoloration of the lower eyelid. This usually runs from the inner corner of the eye along the tear trough.

Cause of dark circles

The main reason for the development is a Vascular weakness, which is why blood components leak from the lower eyelid, oxidize and are deposited. In addition, the blood vessels shimmer through visibly due to the thin skin. The Discoloration can be reduced with active ingredientswhich support the removal of blood components. These include, for example, the peptide complex haloxyl, which is used in special eye creams is used in highly concentrated form precisely for this purpose. In addition, vascular strengthening ingredients such as butcher’s broom extract help to strengthen the delicate blood vessels.

Brown circles under the eyes are frequently found in Asian and African-American regions. The discoloration goes into brownish or yellow, in very extreme discolorations also into black. In addition to the lower eyelid, the upper eyelid may also be affected. Brown circles under the eyes occur due to a local pigment disorder – genetically determined, too much melanin is formed there.

Treat dark circles

Therefore, the skin in these areas is darker in color than the rest of the face. As with other pigmentation disorder helps here Whiteningconsisting of creams with tyrosinase inhibitors and whitening agents. In addition, it is essential to use a daily Light protection with high UVA and UVB protection should be used. This prevents the excess pigment from forming again. Consistency is the most important thing here, along with a lot of patience, to achieve good results.

Lead photo: Luca Iaconelli, Photo: Daniil Kuzelev

Text: Sarah White / mabelle