Choose the right implant shape

Every woman is an individual and differs in size, proportions and figure. For this reason there is also a large variety of breast implantswhich find their application for different breast shapes and conditions.

Breast surgeries have become a real market and it is hard to imagine today’s society without them. Thus, these no longer apply only to breast reconstruction as a result of breast cancer, but are increasingly used for cosmetic procedures. Meanwhile, more and more women turn to a specialist and give as a reason too small or too large breasts, as well as asymmetrical breasts.

Due to the lack of necessity, purely cosmetic procedures are not considered to be covered by health insurance. However, they can be financed through a bank if necessary. Thus, even women who cannot otherwise afford the beautification of their female breasts can enjoy this benefit.

Materials for breast augmentation

Silicone implants

The best known are breast augmentations with silicone implants. These were criticized for some time because they were suspected of being involved in the development of various diseases. In the USA, they were therefore even temporarily withdrawn from the market in 1992, until several large studies on over 70,000 patients gave the all-clear.

Since then, researchers and developers have continued to work on improving the implants. Today, silicone implants are standard and can guarantee greater safety thanks to selected coatings and shapes.

Of course, the quality and durability of today’s silicone implants cannot be compared to those of yesteryear. The use of cohesive jelly ensures a firm, structural cohesion of the implant. As a result, even in the event of an accident or high pressure, nothing leaks out and therefore cannot unnecessarily irritate surrounding tissue. The breasts retain their shape and even feel better.

Due to the structure of modern silicone implants, they achieve a almost natural state, which makes it difficult for outsiders to see any difference from a naturally grown breast.

Implants with saline solution

Saline implants represent a possible alternative, which, in the event of leakage, may be used due to their “natural” filling are harmless to health. The implants consist of a silicone shell, which are filled with a saline solution.

A possible complication after breast augmentation is a deformation and hardening of the breast, a so-called capsular fibrosis, which has occurred less frequently with the use of saline implants than with silicone implants.

A disadvantage of the implants is that they can feel more unnatural than silicone implants due to their consistency.

Also, due to their consistency, a corresponding range of shapes cannot be offered as is possible with silicone implants. Individual adaptation to the patient is therefore not possible. Implants with a saline solution are not used in Dr. Bernard’s practice.

Implantation of autologous fat tissue

If you would like to have your breasts only minimally enlarged, for example by one cup size, breast augmentation using autologous fatty tissue is also an option. In this case, foreign substances can be almost completely avoided, except for the surgery-related material, and can be a good and tolerable alternative. The fatty tissue taken from the patient’s own body is injected into the breasts in a ring at several injection sites around the nipples. This method is only applicable if the patient has sufficient own body fat tissue.

The shape of the implants

The type and shape of implants that are suitable for you can only be determined during a joint discussion and a thorough medical history.

In the practice of Dr. Martha Bernard in Munich, you as a patient will be comprehensively informed about all the opportunities and risks of breast augmentation. The operation itself is then performed in a clinic in Munich.

In the meantime, a wide range of different silicone implants with plump and softer structures is available. This makes it possible to meet the desire and personal sensation of each woman can be optimally met.

Round implants make the breast appear fuller in all directions and thus generally provide a more beautiful décolleté. However, there are also teardrop-shaped implants, which are specially designed to give a fuller, natural breast a more beautiful shape. These are called anatomical implants.

In a trusting conversation with Dr. Bernard, each woman will find the breast augmentation implants that are right for her, so that she feels comfortable in her skin with the results and can radiate more attractiveness.

Volume and size of the implants

When designing the volume, a optimal, aesthetic overall result can be achieved, which takes into account the wishes of the woman, but is also oriented to the possible conditions. A breast that is too large can quickly throw the proportions out of balance and appear unnatural.

During the preliminary consultation in the practice of Dr. Martha Bernard in Munich, it is first necessary to clarify whether the existing breast tissue with its skin elasticity matches the desired size of the implant and whether the expectations are realistic.

Implants that are too large can have a disturbing effect on the overall aesthetics. For example, they can show through the skin unsightly or even increase the risk during surgery. In this case, you should carefully consider in advance what size is feasible for you.

Many things are possible today, but not everything is sensible and harmless to health. A trustworthy consultation before the operation is therefore an indispensable prerequisite for a successful breast augmentation.