Choice of doctor – Why the specialist title is so important

Especially in the case of surgical procedures that affect the outer appearance, it is very important to patients that risks and scars can be excluded as far as possible or avoided as best as possible. This is one reason why minimally invasive treatments such as wrinkle injections are so popular. However, even seemingly harmless treatments carry risks – especially if they are not performed professionally. Unfortunately, there are so far no regulations in Germany that affect aesthetic medicine or surgery, and sometimes with devastating consequences for patients. How good a doctor is, and thus ultimately the expected result of an intervention, depends primarily on the Training of the attending physician as well as his previous experience in the corresponding field from. Therefore, you should consider a few things when choosing a doctor.

Expertise and ratings count

As shown in the current statistics of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC), factors other than existing experience and training play a far more important role in the patients surveyed anonymously for the evaluation. Thus, for example, it is the Expert status (53.9 %) and the good reputation (43.3%), which is why patients choose a physician.

However, the only real indication of a physician’s qualifications is the Specialist title. Only a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery is comprehensively trained for treatments, therapies and operations in this field. Terms such as “plastic surgeon” or “cosmetic surgeon” are not protected in this country. Thus, any dentist could ascribe this title to himself – with devastating consequences, of course. According to DGÄPC statistics, only 30.4% of those surveyed would pay attention to the specialist title when choosing their doctor. Although this is a higher percentage than in previous years, it is still not sufficient.

What patients should look for when choosing a doctor

In fact, the aforementioned survey by the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicates that the costs of aesthetic plastic treatment are not a decisive factor for most patients when choosing a doctor. and this despite the fact that these are increasingly no longer covered by health insurance. This is good, because as with so many things, quality has its price in aesthetic plastic surgery.

What patients should really pay attention to are the following aspects:

  • The treating physician holds a specialist title in plastic and aesthetic surgery.
  • The doctor is happy to answer any questions about the desired correction, but also about his training and experience.
  • A non-binding consultation takes place, during which the procedure itself is explained and information is provided about the risks and possible consequences.
  • The doctor shows how the desired correction can realistically look.
  • Patients are entitled to a cooling-off period without any objections.
  • Pre- and post-treatment care is part of the treatment plan.
  • The cost of the treatment is explained transparently.
  • The procedure is not offered at an unusual bargain price.

Dr. Martha Bernard is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and not only performs a well-versed explanation as well as professional procedures, she also takes care of the pre- and aftercare to achieve the best possible result of the desired correction for her patients.