Chocolate for beauty?

Chocolate for beauty? Eight reasons why chocolate makes beautiful, red wine & Co. are now allowed! Read correctly. Feasting can make you beautiful. How this works and which delicacies are true beauty boosters…

The shelves in the supermarkets are overflowing with the Christmas feast program. At the top of the list is chocolate in all its variations, whether as a Christmas ball, Santa Claus or parlinĂ©. Have you already had a bite? That’s allowed! Because the ingredients from the cacao bean contained in it put you in a good mood and even do your skin good. But exotic and citrus fruits are also booming now. They are delicious and real beauty pros!

Chocolate for beauty: the darker the better

Dark chocolate (at least 70 percent cocoa content) contains valuable polyphenols. These are effective antioxidants and thus radical scavengers. They strengthen the immune system and, incidentally, also ensure that the skin ages more slowly.

Repair effect

Chocolate for beauty and health? Scientists have also discovered substances in cocoa that support wound healing and repair damaged skin. For example, products with a high cocoa content – applied directly to the skin – can help repair and moisturize irritated and sun-damaged skin.

Chocolate makes you smart

Swiss physician Franz Messerli has made a curious discovery: the more chocolate is eaten in a country, the more Nobel Prizes there are per capita. According to statistics, Switzerland is equally at the top of the list in terms of chocolate consumption and in terms of taking home Nobel Prizes, based on population shares. The USA, France and Germany are in the middle, while China, Japan and Brazil are at the bottom of the list.

Health booster wine

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Grapes are all-round talents when it comes to anti-aging! They keep the immune system on its toes, protect against heart attacks, activate the nervous system and sharpen short-term memory. U.S. researchers at the University at Buffalo found that regularly drinking one to two glasses of white wine a day can even improve lung function. Grapes contain all the B vitamins (except B12), they are rich in vitamin C and are full of valuable minerals.

French phenomenon

Reserveratrol, an ingredient in dark grapes that became known worldwide as a result of the “French paradox,” also made a career as an active ingredient. At the beginning of the 1990s, it was discovered that despite fatty cuisine, southern French people develop fewer cardiovascular diseases than, for example, Americans with a similar calorie-rich diet. According to scientists, the cause lies in wine, or more precisely in the ingredient resveratrol. The positive and health-promoting properties of the secondary plant substance have now been proven by around 1,700 scientific publications. However, as always, it depends on the dose, it should not be more than one or two small glasses a day.

Tasty and healthy

Vitamins, enzymes or proteins are real power food for our cells. Now there are many exotic fruits that have lots of beauty power. In fact, the best vitamin suppliers in the world grow in the humid tropics. The pineapple, for example, is a little marvel. The rosette leaves are arranged in such a way that they can optimally collect rainwater. The small insects that drown in it supply the plants with protein. This is how the high content of bromelain, the very effective protein-splitting enzyme, is produced. Bromelain, 16 minerals and all known vitamins as well as biotin make the pineapple pure feel-good and beauty elixir. The fruit helps to break down fat, drains and provides firm skin.

Real skin professionals

In addition to bromalin from pineapples, papain is also extremely effective. It is extracted from papayas and breaks down proteins. Mangoes are also perfect suppliers when it comes to beauty. Proteins, lipids and numerous vitamins keep free radicals in check – the number one enemy of the skin.

Sour makes beautiful

Citrus fruits help “against poisons”, are good “against all sadness and melancholy”, they said already in the Middle Ages. With their high concentration of vitamin C, lemons are wonderful fighters against free radicals. After all, 10,000 times a day each cell of the body has to fight off the attacks of free radicals. Vitamin C also prevents skin aging, has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the entire immune system against infections and stress. Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are concentrated vitamin C bombs. Together with the flavonoids (plant pigments) of these fruits, vitamin C stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers in the connective tissue. In addition to elastin fibers, collagen in particular is responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Vitamin C is also considered a natural antioxidant, i.e. it helps to render free radicals harmless, it stimulates blood circulation in the skin and increases cell activity. Lemons are also great for rough skin. Tip: Rough places such as the skin on the elbows simply rub with half a lemon.