Chin up – chin lift thanks to filler

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Nothing makes you look younger and fresher than a well defined facial contour. Unfortunately, however, it is precisely the lower half of the face that develops into a real problem zone in many women from their mid-40s onwards. Here is an effective counter-strategy for chin lift.

At almost every anti-aging congress, chin lift is described as a major challenge in aesthetic medicine. A special procedure – minimally invasive and uncomplicated – is the so-called liquid lifting with hyaluronic acid fillers.

“Through the so-called “sagging effect” the signs of time are particularly noticeable in the lower face. This is due, on the one hand, to the weakening connective tissue and the fact that the face loses volume overallbecause existing fatty tissue sinks downward. This makes the chin line look spongy, and sagging cheeks and a double chin can develop,” explains dermatologist Dr. Frank Zipprich.

Hyaluron filler for chin lifting

What to do. First of all, the choice of a proven expert with any amount of experience in the field of injections with hyaluronic acid fillers is important. The doctor should have a good sense of proportion and a trained eye for facial contours. For a perfect result, in addition to the injection technique, the use of the right filler is of utmost importance, of course.

We are live at a treatment: The patient Ute Nielsen wants above all a Refreshment in the lower half of the face. “Unfortunately, the unavoidable law of gravity is particularly noticeable here,” regrets the 58-year-old. Is she excited, afraid of pain or an unnatural result?

Chin lift before after

“Honestly, I am full of confidence. During the consultation with Dr. Zipprich, I have had numerous Before and after pictures looked at. He gave me the course of treatment explained in the best way and with me about the targeted injections with Juvéderm® Spoke for a natural overall look. I’m just looking forward to leaving the practice happy now.”

As is the case with most patients, a result that is as natural as possible is particularly important to Ute Nielsen. Dr. Zipprich comments: “A Volume treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers is a measure to often make someone look younger. For me, the individual treatment concept is about the interplay of symmetry, harmony and balance. Otherwise, the face quickly looks “done” and “artificial.””

Important for the Treatment concept are the so-called MD Codes™. These were developed by Dr. de Maio in 2015 with fillers from Allergan and provide a detailed guide to the personalized facial modulation With fillers. The “MD Codes™ technique” is a procedure that uses injections and does not require surgery to achieve quickly visible beauty effects, while at the same time emotional message of the face comes into focus.

New hyaluronic acid filler

Chin lift by Dr. ZieprichIn order to achieve the age-related volume loss to replenish the volume in the tissue, come Juvéderm® Filler with Vycross®-Technology1 are used. They are designed to cover the needs of all facial areas. The series includes specific fillers that are precisely matched to the areas to be injected: Juvéderm® Volift® for facial contouring in the cheek and mouth area, Juvéderm® Volbella® for the treatment of fine lines and sensitive areas, the Skin Refiner Juvéderm® Volite as well as Juvéderm®Voluma®, which can fill lost volume in the cheek area. New in the product portfolio: Juvéderm® Volux. The facial filler Juvéderm® Volux is the appropriate solution for all patients who want a more defined and tighter chin and jawline. The Vycross®-Technology1 is a patented combination of hyaluronic acid with low and high molecular weight and a special cross-linking so that it can adapt perfectly to the respective tissue.2

Dr. Zipprich is the first in the temporal and upper cheek areas.h the juvéderm® Filler Voluma so that the middle part of the face is lifted slightly upward. Only in the second step are the chin line and chin treated.3 The local anesthetic lidocaine (0.3%) contained ensures that any pain is relieved during treatment.

Contouring effect with filler

Chin lift by Dr. Zieprich

During the treatment, the dermatologist is very gentle, always asking if the patient is doing well and looking at the
Interim result an. “For in fact the Result as a rule quickly visible, but still improves within the next four weeks,” Dr. Zipprich said. The Result of treatment with Juvéderm® Volux can up to 24 months pause.4 The reason for this is the rapid tissue integration of juvéderm®-Vycross®-Series. The injected filler bonds with the tissue and generally provides a lasting contouring effect.

And how does Ute Nielsen feel about the treatment? “Well, I didn’t feel any pain, I felt comfortable during the entire treatment.” And the result? “Simply sensational. I myself feel my face is now around 10 years younger And am pleased with the natural looking result! I am very curious how my environment reacts.”

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