Chin correction with hyaluronic acid – This really helps against inconsistent facial proportions

A well-known sign of attractiveness is usually prominent facial features. However, this does not only refer to a pronounced cheek area or jawline, but also to the chin. After all, the shape and length of the chin has an effect on the overall appearance of the face.

Do you suffer from a receding, wide or pointed chin? What helps here is a chin correction with hyaluronic acid!

Reshaping the chin

More and more often people suffer from a receding or asymmetrical chin. A weakly developed chin, which makes the transition between the neck and the face appear unclear or spongy, is the main characteristic of the receding chin. This causes the mouth and nose to appear widely advanced and enlarged. In addition, it can promote a double chin, especially if there is an excess of skin on the neck area anyway. In this case, injecting the chin with hyaluronic acid can provide relief. The volume in the chin is increased by the precise injection of hyaluronic acid and can be sculpted as desired. Likewise, in the case of a wide or pointed chin, this treatment method can work wonders. Above all, the initial situation is crucial in determining how many sessions are needed to achieve the desired result.

Redefining the face

Not only the reshaping of the chin, but also the facial contours are affected during chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Due to the central location of the chin in the face, it has a strong effect on the shape of the face itself. Especially when viewed from the side profile, the main focus is always on the chin. Would you like to give your face even more contour? Then you should additionally consider injecting the jawline, because this can achieve even more visible results.

Beauty ideals for men and women

While men find a pointed chin attractive in themselves, the opposite is true for women: signs of masculinity are usually a prominent cheek area as well as a pointed chin and have a particularly attractive effect on their fellow men. Here, too, chin augmentation without surgery can help to achieve a facial shape with harmonious proportions. The rule of thumb here is: The chin and forehead must be on one level from the side profile.

Are you interested in chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid? Then feel free to make an appointment and let our specialized M1 doctors advise you.