Cheek augmentation with hyaluron and comparable fillers

With increasing age, the passing years usually become visible first and foremost on the face. The skin appears clearly strained, the elasticity decreases and often becomes increasingly dry. This naturally progressive appearance is particularly unattractive when those affected do not yet feel as old as they may look. Therefore, no one can be blamed for looking for ways to make the facial skin, especially the cheeks and forehead, look fresh and youthful again. One possibility then is the Treatment with hyaluronic acid for cheek augmentation or comparable fillers like the substance Radiesse®.

With hyaluron the naturalness is not lost

Hyaluron is a natural substance of the skin, which is found in many types of tissue in humans. It consists of Polysaccharides and can be found in the skin, eyes, muscles and joints, among other places. However, more than half of the hyaluron found in the human body is found in the skin. The function of hyaluron in the skin is to bind water and make the skin look firmer and smoother. So why not use this effect to build up the cheeks?

Radiesse® is gelled calcium hydroxylapatite. Like hylauron, this active ingredient is well tolerated by the body and is readily degradable, since calcium hydroxylapatite is present in similar form in the teeth and bones of our body.

The natural fresheners fill in missing volume in the cheeks and can be used effectively against wrinkles. To fill up the cheeks, in most cases it is enough to use the so-called Volume therapywhich is considered to be particularly gentle.

What causes volume loss in the cheeks?

Everybody ages, it’s natural. As we age, there is a progressive lack of moisture in the skin and cell renewal takes more and more time. This leads to a loss of elasticity and tone in the skin and a decrease in fatty tissue. And the older we get, the more visible volume loss and wrinkling become. But diseases, genetic predisposition and weight loss can also contribute to volume loss in the cheeks.

When is treatment with fillers advisable?

In addition to the ever-decreasing elasticity of the facial skin with age, especially in the area of the cheeks, cheek augmentation can also be performed when, for example, a genetic or disease-related hollow cheeks is present or when lost a lot of body weight and the face thus also became narrower. Whereas in the past people resorted to the time-honored facelift and directly used the scalpel, the latest trend is called: Volume replacement with hyaluronic acid or Radiesse®..

Compared to the facelift, the naturalness of the face is not lost due to the naturally degradable fillers. There is no mask-like facial expression and the procedure with hyaluronic acid is much less… easier and gentle.

In this procedure, the fillers are injected into the affected regions of the face – usually into the cheekbone and cheeks in the case of cheek filling. This method is less painful and more pleasant than procedures with a scalpel.

The substances are injected deep into the skin layers, where they instantly work to plump and smooth. At the same time, both Hyaluron and Radiesse® are safe and completely degradable substances that do not harm the body or the skin. In no time at all, the cheeks look plumped up, the face looks fresher and the connective tissue becomes elastic and smooth.

Cheek augmentation with hyaluron or Radiesse® in Munich

In the practice of Dr. Martha Bernard, the hyaluronic acid Belotero volume from Merz or alternatively Radiesse® is used, depending on the patient’s wishes.

Both fillers have proven themselves for years in the correction of deep wrinkles as well as in the contouring of the face. Compared to Hyluron, Radiesse® has the advantage of being somewhat more effective. longer shelf life of about 18 months and the higher volume.

Before it comes to the treatment with fillers, the practice in Munich offers a detailed, personal consultation, where all options, risks and costs are discussed.

The treatment itself, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, is considered to be harmless and is under local anesthesia is performed. Immediately after the outpatient volume treatment, you can continue with your daily routine. And the first effects are also visible immediately.

Based on her many years of experience, Dr. Martha Bernard knows that the natural active ingredient of both fillers is best suited for volume therapy on the cheeks, where it can work wonders. The experienced doctor injects the hyaluronic acid or Radiesse® gel specifically into the tissue under the skin using a long, thin needle, thus ensuring immediate volume reconstruction.

The face looks fresher, more voluminous and younger immediately after application

Age-related Wrinkles, sagging cheeks and sagging cheek skin are a thing of the past for some time after just half an hour. Depending on the individual condition of the skin and the filler used, the effect lasts at least six to 18 months an.

The combination of volume therapy with fillers and targeted wrinkle treatment is particularly popular, because this creates a harmonious and youthful overall appearance.

Dr. med. Martha Bernard has been working for many years as a specialist in aesthetic plastic and general plastic surgery treatments. In her Munich practice, she and her competent team are available for all questions and answers on the subject of volume augmentation in the cheeks with hyaluronic acid and Radiesse®.