Cellulite simply cream away? Nutritional strategy against cellulite

The path from peach skin to orange peel skin unfortunately runs bumpy in the truest sense of the word for most women over years or decades. From smooth to unsightly dimples and ripples. This is not an isolated fate. Cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of women.

Unfortunately, I am one of them. After many more or less unsuccessful attempts, a new generation of cellulite products and special body oils is now tempting me. Do I want to try it out? Of course!

Common cellulite (lat.: dermopanniculosis deformans) is a constitutional, non-inflammatory change of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, mostly in the thigh and buttock area of women. So far, the creams and massage products I have tested, which can be found in abundant supply in drugstores, pharmacies and perfumeries, have been abundantly ineffective. I have wrapped, rubbed, in circular motions, leg up leg down, tried everything to get rid of the unsightly dents. Nothing has helped so far in a lasting way.

Nutritional strategy against cellulite

However, a change in diet to more vegetables, less salt, lots of vitamin C and fewer convenience products, as well as walking my dogs every day, have been very helpful in recent years. Dietary sinners and those who don’t exercise have to bear the double brunt of connective tissue weakness. But despite healthy, varied food and daily exercise, the traces of life are virtually written into my skin in visible dents.

Even slim women have cellulite

You might think that every piece of cake, every glass of red wine and every dumpling with roast pork wants to make its own impression. A small (if somewhat mean) consolation: even really slim, super trained, athletic women are troubled by the so-called orange peel skin. So the need for a working anti-cellulite product is mega!

Start in a self-test

I am curious to see if the products can deliver what they promise. To really see a change if necessary, I tested in right/left comparison: right leg (and also the back of the upper arm) with a special product, left leg (and of course here the back of the upper arm!) with my normal body lotion. Other products were tested in the editorial office.

How the result has looked after two and three weeks respectively read on 06 September 2022.

Lead image: runnyrem/Unsplash.com