CBD – what the hemp beauty can really do!

Hardly anything is as hyped in the beauty world at the moment as CBD. At the latest after Kim Kardashian’s CBD baby shower, the trend is on everyone’s lips. But what exactly can the active ingredient from the hemp plant do in terms of anti-aging?

One thing right away: CBD does not make you high but beautiful! The active ingredient is anti-inflammatory, soothes the skin and boosts cell renewal. In addition to the anti-aging effects, it can also be used to treat various skin problems. CBD is therefore a real all-rounder in terms of beauty.

The abbreviation stands for cannabidiol and is extracted from the female hemp plant. It is one of the best known phytocannabinoids of the hemp plant. The active ingredient does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is also found in cannabis and has a psychoactive effect. CBD has been used in pain treatment for years, and now the active ingredient is conquering the beauty world.

No wonder, because CBD respectively the hemp plant itself is rich in vitamin E, so it protects against free radicals and thus against skin aging. Also the minerals and trace elements zinc, copper, magnesium and calcium are real beauty talents as well as carotionoids and chlorophyll, which has an additional detox effect.

CBD against Inflammaging

Interesting in the matter of better aging is the anti-inflammatory effect. It is known that “silent inflammations” make us look old prematurely. The so-called silent inflammations begin insidiously and initially without serious symptoms. In the long run, however, the subliminal inflammations damage our organs and also leave their mark on the skin (inflammaging).

By the way, CBD oil is not to be confused with hemp oil. Both oils are extracted from the hemp plant. Both contain hemp but only CBD oil contains the active ingredient cannabidiol, which is made for skin care. It has an ideal pH value and is therefore suitable even for sensitive skin types. Different studies as documented in the “Journal of Clinical Investigation” prove the effect on skin problems, especially inflammatory processes, acne, dry skin and even eczema.

CBD as an anti-aging highlight

CBD becomes a real anti-aging highlight in combination with other caring ingredients in organic quality, such as in the “Premium Lifting Serum” by CBD-Vital. The serum is absorbed very quickly, moisturizes and smoothes the skin in minutes. With regular use, the connective tissue is strengthened.

CBD Vital offers a wide range of different anti-aging cosmetic products, for the perfect care routine. All products are organic natural cosmetics products, which distinguishes the highest level of natural cosmetics. They are certified organic and awarded with the ECOGEA certificate.

In total, the CBD-Vital care range consists of 15 products, which include eye cream cirka 32 euros), a lifting serum (cirka 50 euros), an anti-wrinkle cream (cirka 50 euros) or a face care oil (cirka 50 euros). The products are 100 percent free of animal testing, parabens, paraffin oils and silicone. Here are the products and more info.