CAUTION: never inject Dermafiller yourself!

Dermafillers can smooth out wrinkles, make the skin appear fresher and younger or give certain areas more volume. However, it is important that they are injected by professional hand. More and more develops a trend that is dangerous can become. Dermafillers are often freely available in stores and the thought of injecting them yourself is present. Read here why you should definitely not do that.

Why does everyone have access to Dermafiller?

How does it actually happen that people who have no experience with injections inject themselves with derma fillers? For this, it is important to know that derma fillers are are not regulated productswhich are subject to sales control. That is, you can easily buy them online or even in specialized stores.

Often, the products are already designed so that they come in the right dosage in a syringe. It is of course tempting to use the syringe directly at home. There are even instructions for this, which are made available online.

That is, it is suggested to you that it is no problem to set the syringe yourself and put the Dermafiller into the skin.

Important: It is understandable that you are thinking about injecting Dermafiller yourself – probably also for cost reasons. However, you should know that the self-experiment is even life-threatening can become.

Why should derma fillers only be injected by an expert?

The use of derma fillers belongs to beauty treatments and must be performed only by a medical professional. In fact, there are injections, for example, for Reducing the risk of thrombosiswhich you may set yourself without experience. Even if you think that there seems to be no difference with derma fillers: There is.

So the above mentioned injections in the abdomen or thigh are only placed in the muscles. Injuries of nerve tracts cannot occur here, the syringes are too short for that.

With derma fillers, it’s different. The fillers for your skin are designed to inject it. So they have a direct effect on the tissue. Complex structures have to be taken into account, such as:

  • Structure of the musculature in the areas to be treated.
  • Anatomy of the face
  • Course of nerves

Providers of derma filler injections undergo a complex training and know exactly the points mentioned. They alone can estimate where to apply the syringe.

What risks does a self-performed injection entail?

In addition to the points just mentioned about why you should refrain from injecting Dermafiller yourself, the risks should not be underestimated. We have briefly touched on the fact that there are even come to a life-threatening condition can.

Time and again it is said that the use of derma fillers is without risk. However, this is false. Improper use can lead to inflammation as well as pain and undesirable results.

The most common risks include:

  • Severe formation of hematomas
  • Malformations in the affected areas
  • severe indurations under the skin
  • Formation of edema
  • Development of keloids
  • Infections

In addition, there is a warning that blood poisoning may result from the infections. There is evidence that incorrect use may also result in necrosis of the tissue or blindness. Strokes are also possible.

What’s the deal with low-quality products?

Many reputable manufacturers have chosen to sell their dermafillers exclusively to professionals and therefore require appropriate proofwhen you place an order.

As a result, a secondary market has developed where less reputable sellers sell products to everyone. The products sometimes contain mixed versions of the fillers or even counterfeits. So you can’t be sure, what exactly is contained in the mixture and what the dosage is.

One of the problems is that the active ingredients do not dissolve under the skin and cause hardening. If the active ingredients are contaminated, the development of infections is very likely.

What are the aesthetic problems?

We have shown you the health risks that are taken when someone injects themselves with Dermafiller. Now we would like to briefly discuss the aesthetic risks take.

If you choose an experienced practitioner, he or she will check exactly where the correct site for the injection is, insert the needle carefully, and ensure that the active ingredients get under the skin in a sterile and correct way.

If the active ingredients are injected themselves, such precise work is hardly possible. Incorrect dosages then trigger undesirable effectssuch as the so-called inflatable boat lips.

In the face, very unnatural-looking asymmetries can occur, your facial expressions are negatively affected, your face looks mask-like.

To counteract this effect, it is necessary to go to the doctor, because only he can dissolve the derma fillers under the skin. Alternatively, you can wait until your body has broken down the material, which takes several months.

Important: Keep in mind that undesirable effects can be corrected. However, this correction entails high costs.

Conclusion – injecting dermafillers yourself is a bad idea

Good derma fillers injected by a professional allow you to correct wrinkles and plump up the skin. However, if you think that you can simply inject it yourself, we have to disappoint you. Dermafillers should never be injected by yourself. Besides undesirable developments of your optics it is primarily the health riskswhich should not be underestimated here.

If you want to use Dermafiller, you should always make sure that you use high-quality products that are injected by an experienced user. This is the only way to reduce the risks to a minimum.

FAQ – Injecting Dermafiller yourself

Why can I buy Dermafiller online?

The active ingredients in derma fillers are not subject to regulation and can be sold freely. This, of course, makes it easier for practitioners to purchase high-quality products. For private individuals, it has the advantage that their own products can be brought to the practitioner.

What if I have a friend inject the Dermafiller?

In order for the Dermafiller to bring the desired result, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. The anatomy of your face plays as big a role as the course of the nerves under your skin. If your girlfriend is not a doctor, she should not inject you with the derma filler.

I injected myself with Dermafiller – what now?

If you have already injected yourself with Dermafiller, you should consult a doctor and have him check whether there is an infection or other health risks. In addition, it is important to closely observe the development of the injection site and the surrounding tissue.