Business teeth correction

Anyone who wants to be successful in professional life also attaches great importance to their appearance. Because in the job a maintained first impression counts, which is often clouded however by easy tooth misalignments. To score points with a beautiful smile, many men and women nowadays have their teeth embellished almost invisibly.

“Especially celebrities and people who are very busy at work use methods such as the hidden dental splint or braces,” knows Dr. Stephan Ziegler, senior dentist and founder of the KU64 dental practice from Berlin. “Because when smiling into the camera, these remain undetected and an aesthetic treatment result is achieved very quickly.”

Small malocclusions on the front teeth in particular often disrupt the overall impression of a smile. While experts used to remove such flaws with the help of visible wires and brackets on the front of the teeth, fixed braces are now used on the inside. The advantage is that they remain undetectable to outsiders and their relatively thin brackets do not affect the tongue or speech. “To achieve this, we use dental adhesive to attach the flat brackets to the inside of the teeth. Connecting wires ensure that the teeth shift in the right direction,” says Dr. Ziegler, explaining the procedure of the so-called Incognito method. In contrast to conventional braces, the desired treatment result is achieved more quickly with this variant.

Tooth correction – fast and invisible

For patients who do not want a fixed orthodontic solution, there is the possibility of making an invisible removable splint. Overlapping teeth as well as minor misalignments can be corrected with this Invisalign method. “For an optimal treatment result, patients receive a custom-made transparent splint that is barely visible on the teeth,” explains Dr. Ziegler. “Every two weeks, we insert a new one, as the teeth have already shifted during this period. So we gradually move them into their final position.” The splint can be removed before important appointments and for meals, so patients can react flexibly at any time in their daily lives. This also makes cleaning convenient.

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