BROW-TIME! Eyebrow lift with muscle relaxant

Today more than ever they are cherished and cared for, in the past they were either stepmotherly treated or plucked beyond recognition: the eyebrows. For many they are an indispensable part of the face, for others they are just annoying hairs above the eyes. But what these people don’t know is that if the eyebrows sit too low or droop, this has an effect on the entire facial expression.

Bad Brow Day

Eyebrows have long ceased to be just eyebrows! Nowadays we differentiate between bushy, thin, full, angular, curved, straight, round or even sunken eyebrows. The latter represents a nightmare for many. While high, beautifully curved brows make the face friendly, alert and youthful, faces with sunken eyebrows can rather create a tired, grumpy or sad facial expression. In many cases, sunken brows are not just a purely aesthetic problem, as the drooping of the brows can cause uncomfortable pressure on the eyes. It can also restrict the field of vision.

Brow Lifting

What can be done when the eyebrows are such a burden? A classic brow lift can be the solution here not only for medical but also for aesthetic problems. Thus, a treatment of the brows with muscle relaxant can provide a fresher look without further ado. In aesthetic medicine, treatments with muscle relaxants are considered to be rather minor procedures, but they bring a considerable effect. For a brow lift, the active ingredient is injected directly into the muscle to relax it. Even though it sounds paradoxical, it works! In fact, by relaxing the eyebrow muscles responsible for lowering them, the traction of the forehead muscles is strengthened. The eyebrows are thus pulled upwards and the desired lifting effect occurs!

The Day After

Redness, wheals or blue flares are normal side effects that may occur after such a procedure. Two days after the treatment, however, these have already disappeared. However, it is extremely important that the head is kept in an upright position for at least four hours after treatment. The application of make-up on the day after the treatment should be avoided, as well as sauna visits, solarium visits or intensive sunbathing for at least one week.

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