Breast surgery planned – podcast on the most important questions!

The topic Breast surgery Is still No. 1 among cosmetic surgeries. According to the latest treatment statistics from the VDÄCP (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), breast augmentations increased by 20 percent last year, although the emergence of ALCL (large cell lymphoma) also caused uncertainty last year. What is behind the numbers and is the concern about ALCL justified?

So around the topic of breast surgery there are always new questions: Which implants are safe? Can you see what you will look like after breast surgery before the procedure? When is the right time for breast surgery? Can implants last a lifetime?

Questions upon questions. I’m happy to do a podcast interview on this with a proven specialist. Swiss plastic surgeon Dr. David Kiermeir specializes in the topic and is available to answer questions.

One thing right from the start: “Anyone who decides to have a breast augmentation should take every precaution to ensure that the surgical risk as small and the chances of success as great as possible. as possible,” says Dr. Kiermeir. The plastic surgeon therefore attaches great importance to the consultation before and the care after breast surgery. “There are definitely patients to whom I advise against surgery. Either because their idea of the result is unrealistic or biographically the time is not right,” explains Dr. Kiermeir.

Breast surgery – avoiding risks

And What surgical technique is used in the Bern practice? “The gold standard of breast augmentation is still the use of implants,” says Dr. Kiermeir. And which implants are recommended? “Textured implants are primarily associated with ALCL, but they are being taken off the market. We therefore use Implants with a smooth surface.”

And what are the different shapes? “There are teardrop-shaped and round implants. Of course, the teardrop-shaped implants are not allowed to rotate for optical reasons and therefore also have a textured surface, so now people are relying on round implants. On the basis of modern 3-D simulation you can see the result very well in advance, by the way.”

And what does it have to do with lifelong durability of implants on itself? “I think that’s a marketing tool. As a rule, breast implants last? “They used to say change every 10 years, that’s not the case anymore but women should be prepared to change it once in a lifetime.”

To the Risks and side effects asked Dr. Kiermeir clarifies: “In addition to the usual surgical risks, pain, infections, asymmetries, bruising, wound healing and sensitivity disorders may occur.

On the day of surgery, a chest harness and compression bra are worn; this prevents swelling. Sports and saunas are taboo for four weeks, and for the first week the patient is allowed to sleep only on her back.”

Cost from about 8,000 euros.