Breast reduction without scars

For a long time, a particularly ample cleavage was popular. Now there seems to be a contrary trend!

Curved out! The bust front is downsizing: Sophia Thomalla had her D-boobs shrunk to a D-cup. And also actress-colleague Victoria Beckham stands publicly to her breast reduction. There is an alternative to conventional surgery technique, medically called mommy reduction.

The topic of breasts is a problematic issue for many women: too small, too big, not in the desired shape. It is interesting in this context that very many men are said to be indifferent to the shape and size of their breasts; 23 percent love them large, 21 percent prefer the small, fine variant. And 31 percent of all women would prefer a smaller bust size (only 26 percent a larger one; 30,000 German women have their breasts reduced every year). And the bust is very much in fashion again right now. As a new symbol of natural, pure femininity.

Breast reduction with liposuction and tape

It is no wonder, then, that breast surgery is one of the most widely performed aesthetic procedures. The decision to do so is often not only a visual concern, but also has physical causes. “A breast that is too large can lead to pain in the shoulder-neck area, cause poor posture, be a hindrance during sports or creep up as a burden during everyday activities. In the long run, there is a risk that such incorrect posture and the weight of the bust will lead to permanent wear and tear on the spine,” explains Dr. Darius Alamouti with Practice Aesthetic & Skin at Heranni Clinic.

Showtime for the small bust

Until now, breasts that were too large were usually reduced with a surgical incision. In recent years, Dr. Alamouti has developed a new technique to reduce the size of the breasts using liposuction and a special taping technique. He has been practicing this method for 10 years. “Instead of large incisions, only a small access is made on the side of the breast of only two millimeters, through which the excess fat is then removed with the help of liposuction,” explains Dr. Alamouti. “Tapes then support the tissues over the reduced breast for about a week, giving it the desired shape,” he says.

In a preliminary discussion with the patient, her concrete wish is examined for a realistic possibility of implementation. The procedure is performed in the practice under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. Afterwards, the patient can go home directly.

The final RESULT is visible after about six months. To the SIDE EFFECTS include swelling that can last up to eight weeks, and sometimes there is minor induration that takes several months to resolve. The COST of about 2,000 euros are covered by health insurance if it has been certified in advance that the procedure is medically necessary.

Lead photo: Pixabay/efes