Breast reduction – a field report

When talking about beautiful breasts, most women think of breast augmentation. However, plastic surgeons are also frequently asked to perform breast reduction.

After two births at the age of 42, Sabine Heinrich (name changed by the editors) opted for a breast reduction. Breast reduction decided. Here is her experience report:

“For me, the decision to have a breast reduction was not only a visual concern, but also had physical reasons,” explains the now 44-year-old. “After my two pregnancies, I needed bra size 85F. That put a lot of stress on me. I had back pain, sleep problems and couldn’t buy nice tops.”

Breast reduction for pain

“A breast that is too large can lead to pain in the shoulder-neck area and headaches, cause poor posture, be a hindrance during sports or simply be a burden during everyday activities. In the long run, there is a risk that such incorrect posture and the weight of the bust will lead to permanent wear and tear on the spine,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Kim.

The classic method of breast reduction is medically known as a Mammary reduction Or Mammoplasty referred to as. It is one of the oldest and most frequently performed breast surgeries. With this Surgical technique the glandular tissue is reduced under general anesthesia and usually additionally tightened.

Course of breast reduction

The surgery lasts up to four hours and is performed as an inpatient under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the excess fatty and mammary gland tissue removed and the Nipple transferred upwards. The patient is then given a pressure dressing and usually stays in the clinic for one night. After a few days, a support bra can be worn. For four weeks, sports and heavy physical activities are taboo.

“I still remember the moment I put on my jacket and it was too big for me. Wonderful! And how wonderful, finally I can wear nice lingerie. If I had known that you can breastfeed even with a small breast, I would definitely have had the procedure done sooner,” Sabine Heinrich emphasizes.

FACTS on breast reduction

Risks: Common surgical risks such as thrombosis or wound healing problems. Cost: 3000 to 5000 euros. The costs are covered by the health insurance companies if the patients are slim and can present certificates, e.g. from an orthopedist.

Lead photo: Unsplash