Breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding – When is surgery an option?

When egg and sperm unite, an exciting time begins for your body. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, the uterus changes, but the breast also has a lot to do during this time. It changes during pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period. The breast does not always return to the desired shape afterwards. A Breast lift after pregnancy and after weaning can then help.

Hormonal influence changes the breasts

Symptoms in the breast area are even the first indication of an existing pregnancy in many women, but what is the reason? During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, many women record a strong growth of the breast. The beloved bras become too tight and put pressure on the milk ducts. At the latest from the 22nd week of pregnancy, milk is already produced and for most women the breasts feel unusually heavy. Shortly before the birth at the latest, everything is ready for breastfeeding, the nipples are larger and darker than before, and the breasts themselves may have grown to one and a half times their previous size.

Due to heavy milk production, your breasts will also feel full and plump at the beginning of breastfeeding, but this effect will diminish over time. Half a year after birth the breasts break down fatty tissue, but the ability to breastfeed is still maintained. After weaning, it still takes about three months for the breast reaches its original size again has.

Gentle aids for the breast during pregnancy and lactation

When you wean your child, the breast will form back. However, some women do not regain their previous shape, especially if there was a large increase in breast size. Self-esteem suffers when the breasts are now saggy and “hanging” seem, many mothers suffer significantly.

Even during pregnancy, there are methods you can use to help your breasts with the changes. These include:

  • A well-fitting bra with a support effect
  • Avoiding too much gain
  • Massages and alternating showers
  • slow weaning after breastfeeding

But even if all these measures have not helped, sagging breasts are not an inevitable fate. The experienced surgeon Dr. Bernard knows the worries and hardships of many new mothers and has a lot of experience and expertise in the field of breast lift.

The breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you have decided to have a surgical procedure, between the time of delivery and the date of the operation you should at least six months Time must have elapsed. The procedure may also only after weaning should be carried out only after weaning, as the breast has to develop back at its leisure.

A breast lift after pregnancy can simultaneously with a breast augmentation or reduction or as a single procedure. In the case of severe sagging, possibly due to previous pregnancies, it may also be necessary to relocate the nipples. In this case, your doctor will discuss the additional use of breast implants with you in detail.

The use of implants does not necessarily have to mean breast augmentation, but can also be used to Gaining firmness can be used. Despite tightening, sagging connective tissue may remain softer than before; this effect is remedied by the use of implants.

Other pregnancies after breast lift surgery

Each pregnancy triggers an individual transformation of the breasts. If you become pregnant again after weaning, the hormonal change starts again, your breasts enlarge and return to their original shape only after breastfeeding. Tissue and skin are stressed and stretched again during each pregnancy.

Therefore, before you decide to have a surgical breast lift after pregnancy, you should consider your family planning. Generally, plastic surgeons do not recommend surgery if further pregnancies are planned. In this case, it is advisable to first after the end of family planning to think about a breast lift.